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Introducing everyone to a project completely off the radar, which has been under development since 2017.
The same time that I follow him closely, investing personally in his entire structure ever since.
This project reached decentralization at the end of March 2021.
It is important to mention that, unlike the vast majority of crypto projects, in Metahash, the staff preferred to invest in the product, until it is ready, and not at this point in their marketing.
Which makes it as I said earlier totally off the radar, with an invaluable potential for appreciation.
This is not an investment recommendation, but my personal opinion of anyone who has followed Metahash since his birth, and knows his potential well, and where we can reach it.
I intend here to bring initially the concepts of this wonderful project, and in the course of time informing you of its news and updates.
I ask you to accompany me on this journey, making them discover this Metahash world.


MetaHash is the fastest and most secure cryptocurrency in the world working on the #TraceChain protocol transactions per day
More than Replacing smart contract
Decentralized applications running in real time like any regular web services that arewr itten in any programming language including Solidity, PHP, C++, etc.
Gateway to a decentralized internet
A multi-asset wallet that won't overload your computer.
A decentralized app directory and browser.
The #MetaHash network is infinitely scalable as the capacity of its resources grows
The validation rate is less than 3 seconds
More than 5 billion per day.




#MetaHash Structure

The #MetaHash network consists of 4 parts:
  • #TraceChain

  • #MetaApps

  • #MetaGate

  • #MetaHashCoin

An automatic self-learning algorithm is the solution to the speed problem for routing signals across the network. Starting at a rate of 50,000 transactions per second (the capacity of a 100 megabit channel), it grows as more nodes with greater bandwidth are added to the network forming the core of the network and improving the reliability of additional required #DataChains for running applications.
Nodes added to the #MetaHash network are used by decentralized applications. The main code of #MetaApps optimizes the location of copies of applications based on the necessary resources and the financial motivation of the owners of nodes connected to the network. Any developer can create and publish an application on #MetaApps and #MetaHashCoin holders will decide by open vote whether they approve or not, reflecting the universal values ​​of all members of the network.
This is an open source interface that uses the #TraceChain protocol that allows it to work with #MetaApps and networks.
Third-party developers can use the #MetaGate code to incorporate #MetaApps and # TraceChain / blockchain resources into various applications and browsers.
The network's digital payment currency. (MHC) It is used to guarantee consensus, to control self-financing and to pay for all network services.
Recognized by FINMA on July 3, 2018 as a public service token with a payment function. #MHC
Tokens are qualified as means of payment in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Act.
Source - Metahash.org



In the next posts, we will talk in more detail about these 4 fundamental components of the Metahash ecosystem.
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Metahash is a Mega Project based on Blockchain 4.0. A complete ecosystem. MetaHash is the fastest and the safest cryptocurrency in the world working on the #TraceChain protocol.

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