MetaHash continues to pay well. 0.14% daily

By CONTACT95 | #MetaHash Fan | 14 Apr 2020

In my previous post I explained about my favorite staking coin Metahash (MHC). The price of Metahash seems to be relatively stable in a range comprised between 0.0022 and 0.0024 USD. It is also possible to make nice trading in small quantity (100 to 200 USD) and to make a substantial profit of about 2 to 3% daily (works well on Kucoin)


Regarding staking you can find below the income I receive from coindelegation (no need of complicate Masternodes, you can start with 512 MHC (about 1 USD) :

For 101,748.97 MHC staked, I receive daily 143 to 142 MHC (0.14% of staked amount, this mean yearly 51.1%). When you start with coindelegation on your Metagate Wallet, you have to wait about 1 or 2 days, then after you will see regularly your incomes. Choose a good server for delegation (on Metagate you can filter them by ROI).

mhc staking

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#MetaHash Fan
#MetaHash Fan

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