Bitcoin mixers make a record month and Exchanges don't like it

By CONTACT95 | #MetaHash Fan | 14 Apr 2020

Bitcoin mixers are services that allow a large number of users to mix their coins in order to make them untraceable and ensure their anonymity. Since the start of 2020, the numbers have exploded in terms of mixing services.


Whirlpool breaks all records:

Whirlpool is the anonymity solution developed by Samourai Wallet and based on CoinJoin, which allows users to mix their coins. Since the start of 2020, the service has been beating record after record. In January 2020, it reached an all time high in terms of volume with 356 BTCs mixed. Record broken for the first time in February, with 529 BTC, indicating an increase of 48% compared to the previous month, then a second time in March with 1523 BTC and an increase of 187% in just one month.

Bitcoin mixers and of Exchanges:

Where users always want to gain more confidentiality in their transactions, trading platforms do not necessarily welcome this practice. This reluctance is understandable: these platforms are subject to the regulations against money laundering and the impossibility of tracing the funds puts them in a delicate position.

Some of the trading platforms have even gone so far as to "tag" users who have used coin mixing technologies, even if they have no history of potentially illegal transactions.


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