· If it's not because of a Dragon, it's because of a Princess ·

· If it's not because of a Dragon, it's because of a Princess ·

By MeSs. | MeSssCryptoRealm | 12 Nov 2020


The Sun was setting down, as the city lights were waking up - to quirkly simulate its light - in the middle of a traffic jam. This city has no name, as it solely exists in this post. 

We could call it CryptoCity. Everything is possible here. Has always been. 

Stopping in the details would takes us probably as much as the creators of the cryptocurrency to relate - and it would drive us off the story we are to tell tonight. Might be one writing, there are many composing. Possibly one signing, many authoring... That is how the threads are made. 

Back to the traffic jam. The rumbling of the engines, tires screeching, motorbikes passing through the cars like flies, angry horns accompanying the cacophony of the stuffed roads and intersections. The red lights are not working anymore, and various officers try to regain control with some orders here and there. The civilians quickly start taking action by themselves. They by-pass the indications, each one taking a step forward in synchronicity with its neighbour. The newcomers start adapting to this eventual rules born from an unexpected situation, measured by the simple common sense and survival of all - more than the fittest. Some of the most enterprising assume the role of the authorities, guiding - more than imposing. Others support the weakest. The strongest lead in achievement, dirtying their hands.

In less than expected, the agents are no longer needed - and order has been recovered in a natural manner. Guide more by heuristics, than logical thinking. 

A glimpse of utopian reality, which will quickly vanish when we all put our masks back. Duncan, thirty-one years old, freelance graphic artist, was leaning on his window, watching all of it happen. His cigarette was half smoked, and his coffee still smoky. A simple T-Shirt, jogging pants, finger socks.

He seemed as a cat enjoying the first rays of the morning light, if it wasn't because it was actually getting dark. A cat jumps to his side, watching him in silence, almost as an Egyptian Statue. 

- I also wish you to find some moths tonight, Luna - Duncan says, before sipping from his mug. A smile breaking in his face. He let's the ashes fly away in a quick movement, followed by the eyes of the feline. A phone starts ringing, a standard song for a smartphone. Duncan looks away, almost bothered - Can't you bring it to me? - Funny, he stands up to reach the phone for the call to be over. Sammy is the missing name call. Duncan seems surprised. 

- What could Sammy want? - Duncan looks around, sceptical - Sammy? He must have miss-clicked - Duncan drops the phone on top of the table again. A couple of other phone calls from some days ago. Mom. Tarik. Luna is already juggling between Duncan's legs, playful. The young man ducks down to continue playing with Luna. She rolls over to him, extending her paws. She teases him without reaching his fingers. She stops, staring at him before getting back up enrolling herself in his knees. He caresses her vividly before standing up with energy - That's enough, little cat! I still have things to do... - He raises his eyes to the desk, filled with documents, a computer, some glasses, and ashtray. Sarcastic smile in his face, he walks towards the desk imagining himself about to confront a mythical creature. 


One thing was clear, when Duncan has something in mind he doesn't stop until he makes it. With tidying his room, this worked quite well. In terms of keeping up with bills, life-style, and other unexpected surprises...He also did fine. A strange feeling of realization by overcoming the smallest of the obstacles has always kept him going forward - even if considered a useless adult for most of his family, including his parents, it has never seemed to bother him. 

The last folders into a drawer that will soon be full is the last piece before his desk becomes the sanctuary he has made of it. In contrast with the rest of the room, that is a holy space. With a smile in his face, he delicately pulls the chair and let's himself fall in relief. A swift click on the keyboard as the computer starts launching, strings of white emerging from the keyboard and the screen. Luna jumps on top of the desk, smelling the now cold cup of coffee - Time to work, baby. If we want to make it another month, you know I need to do this - The answer of his cat, is merely a yawn, and a small look away, as if her attention was dragged to something outside. A look to the closed door from Duncan before he puts on his headphones and connects his drawing pad. 

A soft classical intro starts changing into a rock melody long known by everyone... The volume raises, as the beat synchs with Duncan's feet. Luna seems curious about what's going on in Duncan's tablet. And then a quick reaction. She jumps off the desk and goes towards the door. Duncan doesn't give any attention to the gesture, deeply focused on his drawing and the music he's listening to. The rhythm seems to guide even his drawing. Sometimes he smiles, satisfied with what he sees - the beat is stronger. The beat is almost so strong that it seems to be coming from outside the headphones. 

Duncan stops drawing, tries to identify while still listening to the music at the same volume, if it's the drum or the noise is coming from elsewhere, as he turns his head to discover Luna scratching the door. The door strongly vibrating, as if pushed from the outside. Duncan drops the headphones off...

Someone seems to be trying to demolish his door. The knock is intense, fast and repeatedly...desperate?

Who is it?! - Duncan shouts from his chair, while the feline steps back slowly. The knocking stops. - Open the door, please! - It's a male voice. A voice Duncan doesn't seem to recognize. - Who the heck are you?! What do you want with my door? - Duncan looks around, in search of something to use as a weapon? 

The knocks start again, this time stronger. - Open the door, please! Duncan! Open the freaking door! It's Sammy! - The voice on the other side of the doors finally declares. Duncan can't believe, he actually negates with his head. - Am I imagining all this? - Whispers to himself - How can he know where do I live? - He stares at the door. Reality check. The door vibrates again. - Man, really? Seriously? You're going to let me out? Like this? - Sammy concluded from the other end.

The cat looks at the door, then at Duncan. At Duncan and the at the door, as if watching a theatre play. 

What? - Says Duncan to his cat, in a whisper. Shakes his head and stands up heading to the door. Another strong knock, almost as if the door was going to break in Duncan's face. What the heck?. - Sammy, I'm going to open. Stay calm... - He's about to open the lock when he stops and looks at the door - How do I know you truly are Sammy? - A moment of silence. Duncan's phone starts ringing, he shouts frightened, looking around. Luna's already over the phone, while it keeps ringing. - Is this a good answer, Duncan? Or I need to tell you about the time we were kids and you drunk so much vodka thinking it was an orange soda that - The door instantly opens. Sammy shouts his mouth. The phone stops ringing. 

Duncan clears his eyes, he doesn't believe what he's staring at. Clearly, Sammy is not in good shape - W H A T  T H E  H E L L? - Duncan doesn't know how to react. Luna hisses, jumping from the sofa to position herself between Duncan's feet. Sammy smiles. 

The Apollo he used to be is gone. But... there is something else... His body, part of his hand, his wrist... are those kind of pixel square blocks looking alike at the edge of what is left of his arm...? He is shady, very skinny, in sweat. His eyes are anxious and don't stop looking towards the stairs. Duncan is frozen. This makes no sense. It's as if he was on Sci-Fi movie - This is a joke, how...how  do you do it? Man, you have changed - Duncan's hand tries to reach that pixel square blocks to unveil the mystery...when actually he discovers that there's actually no hand. Two steps back from him, one step forward from Sammy. - I know this looks crazy, Duncan. You are the only one that came to my mind... That would understand it - He flashes the stairs before continuing - I am in big troubles. I have gone too far with some new experimental tech... that...that... I shouldn't have used - Another step forward, Duncan keeps walking backwards. Luna doesn't move, trying to prevent Sammy to go past the door.  She's nervous. Duncan raises his hands - Sammy, I...I...I don't think I can help you... This... This makes no sense. I am dreaming, right? - An unexpected noise of people running up the stairs suddenly pushes Sammy to enter into the flat, closing the door behind him. He looks around, as a trapped animal. - They're here, they're coming for me. It's the end - Duncan is petrified, staring at the half-man/half-hologram?, with the appearance of his childhood friend Sammy. 

Sammy locks the door and snaps his fingers to wake up Duncan. In the moment he snaps them, they decompose in small pixel blocks exploding in small colourful lightnings before vanishing in space. Sammy doesn't seem surprised - Shit. This wasn't expected - He looks at his hand, now lacking two fingers - Anyway. Duncan, look at me. This is real. The people that are coming for me are real... This... This isn't expected to be known by anyone, not even by me... I fucked it up. I've been to curious, and the people need to know it. Everyone needs to know what's coming... - As he tries to step forward, it's his leg now breaking in millions of smaller pixelized pieces, his body abruptly crashing on the ground. He tries to lift himself, as he can, using a small stool next to him - I have this chip. You can use it. I...I...should be able to meet you there, actually. - With the three fingers he has left, has takes out a small device, not even a chip - looking like a snowflake made of steel, some circuits seemed visible. He shows it to Duncan - It can be used in any device connected to the Internet. Avoid 2G connections, what you'll find there you won't like. It's complicated to navigate. Where you access with 3G is quite basic. 4G is a different level. 5G....5G has made this of me - Duncan is speechless looking at his decomposing in pixels' friend.

A strong knock on the door. Sammy turns around nervously - They're here, you need to take it with you and run out from here. Use it in a space, private space. No public spaces. Please, Duncan. This time I truly need your help...I'll have your back covered. You'll understand it soon - The knocking becomes stronger as Sammy extends his hand with the little metallic snowflake to Duncan. Luna is hidden behind Duncan, still hissing sometimes, yet afraid of confronting Sammy.

- Open the door, Mr. Dzavic, we need to talk to you about a friend. It's an important matter and he might contact you soon. Please - A masculine bold voice comes from the outside. Sammy negates with his head, as if telling him not to open the door. Duncan moves his head towards the door, then towards Sammy. - This is mental - Duncan stands up and grabs the snowflake, without noticing how he made Sammy's hand explode in bits and pieces. Sammy didn't seem to feel anything when his body was decomposing. Duncan kept walking until the door.

- Who is it? What are you doing at my door? How do you know my name? - Duncan declares, trying to impose himself. He looks at the left pieces of his friend and smiles, as if assuring that everything is going to be alright. Sammy doesn't seem that sure. While Duncan waits for an answer, Sammy starts to stand up, doing his best to stand on top of his left leg, slowly. Luna's attention is his.

- Did Mr. Wübbeck contact you lately? - The voice answers - Who is Mr. Wübbeck? Is this a prank? - Duncan replies. 

When Duncan turns back to check on Sammy, he sees him standing, with a blissful smile in his face. Duncan reads a sentence " I trust you. Don't trust them. " in Sammy's lips before he lets himself down into the ground.

An infimum nova occurs - with colours neither Duncan or Luna had ever seen -. A small flash of light. And with the flash of light " BROOM " : 

The outsiders break the door, pushing with it Duncan into the ground. 

There is no more trace of Sammy.

The snowflake lands at Luna's paws. She shakes her pawn and moves away, deepening in the underbed darkness. She hisses in her place.



PS - I finished this first part as I've seen they were some lecturers of the intro. I might continue the story, being the thread interesting to the readers. I also intend to participate with it into the DeFiFARMer. Read you soon and thank you again for your time !


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