Important differences between fundamental analysis and technical analysis

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 10 Sep 2020

Fundamental analysis is the most common method of analyzing stocks. It can be used as a guide to understand technical analysis concepts better and also highlight significant differences between the two techniques. The contrast clarifies the importance of technical analysis, both as an independent method, as well as being complementary to fundamental analysis.

Differences between Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis

The main difference is that fundamental analysis studies the cause of market moves while the impact of market movements is examined by the technical analysis. The discovery of fair or intrinsic value for a given market is the product of fundamental analysis. The disparity in the measured market's share price and the "fundamental value" means over- or undervaluing. The only goal of the technical analysis is to forecast price change, and believes the underlying explanations for possible movements are unnecessary details.


Although there are two definite schools of thought that favour one of these two strategies, it is clear that both demonstrate strengths and weaknesses, and can also be used in combination to improve effective forecasting. Technical analysis with historical trading data can be used on any security. This includes stocks, futures and commodities, and crypto.

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