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MTO Merchant Token, this is getting interesting!

By Hepatic | Merchant Token 2021! | 5 May 2021

So the original buy in leading to the ICO for Merchant token was supposed to be 100 phases starting at 20 cents with one cent increments up to an ICO of 1.20.  If you've been watching, this has been so successful, that number has been surpassed and an addition 20 incremental phases have been added!  At the time of writing, we are in phase 100 and nearly funded before moving up at a current price of 1.93 per token!  Check out my referral link for more information:  

I'm not in any way offering financial advise, just posting about the potential of this utility token so please take the time to research what this project entails (it is really cool!).  It is an exciting time!


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I am in my 20th year as a Biology Professor and former custom car/motorcycle builder.

Merchant Token 2021!
Merchant Token 2021!

Discussion of the upcoming ICO of Merchant Token

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