How Many PIVs a Staker will Earn from Cold Staking PIVX?!

By PIVianX | PIVianX | 5 May 2023

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A Short MEMO

Early this year 2023 PIVX updated the Rewards Structure for both Stakers and Masternode Owners. The new increased rewards intended to increase earnings for holders, and to increase the budget allocated in the treasury to pay for those who submit proposals regarding PIVX Project such as; business, developing, marketing, and so on.

PIVX new Block Reward Structure by PIVX Community

The the amount of PIV you can earn through staking depends on a number of factors …! Please Keep Reading!

In this Article I will try to address those points:
-- How to stake PIVX?!
-- How Many PIVs a Staker will Earn for Staking PIVX?!
-- How to Cold Staking PIVX?! A Short Guide Video!
-- Which is better, to stake PIVX on my own, or to cold stake PIVX?

How to stake PIVX?!

To stake PIVX, you need to first download and set up the PIVX wallet on your computer or go online with MyPIVXWallet - MPW - for any mobile device.

NOTE : I will not demonstrate Staking on MyPIVXwallet in this article!.

Now, after downloading, then installing and running the PIVX Core Wallet on your PC please make sure it is connected to the internet and is fully and successfully synchronised.

Once you have acquired PIVs for staking, you can then transfer them into your wallet and start staking by simply holding your PIVs in your wallet.

Please look for an icon top right of the Wallet interface the staking icon will be lit automatically after the staked amount transaction passes 600 confirmations.



How Many PIVs a Staker will Earn from Staking PIVX?!

This is the MAIN POINT this article is about. Well, the the amount of PIVs you can earn through staking depends on a number of factors, including the amount of PIVs you hold for staking, the length of time your coins are staked, the total number of stakers, and the overall network weight/difficulty.

To demonstrate that with real results the images bellow show the amount I cold staked and the earned PIVs and how frequent with dates and time. The image will be replaced with the updates when happens!.


PIVX Cold Staking Rewards

Results : Staking of 4000 PIV for 30 ays earned me Staking Rewards about 76 PIVs!

NOTE : The Staking Period for 30 days only; starting MAY 1st. to May 30th.
NOTE : I am Cold Staking PIVX!. Not staking on my own HOT WALLET!.
NOTE : I staked 4000 PIVs.

How to Cold Staking PIVX?! A Short Guide Video!

This is a short video guide on how to COLD STAKE PIVX?!

Video LINK :

Link to PIVX Cold Staking ToolBox : PIVX - Cold Staking

Which is better, to stake on my own, or to cold stake?

The choice between staking on your own or using a cold staking service ultimately depends on your personal preferences, risk tolerance, and technical expertise.

Staking PIVX on your own means that you'll be running a PIVX wallet on your own device and staking your PIVX coins directly. This method gives you full control over your funds and helps to decentralize the network. However, it also requires technical knowledge to set up and maintain your wallet, keep it secure, and ensure optimal performance.

PIVX Cold staking, on the other hand, involves delegating your staking rights to another entity or service provider, such as a trusted validator or staking pool. This method removes the need for you to run a dedicated wallet, and instead allows you to participate in staking through a remote server. Cold staking can be more convenient than running your own wallet, but it also involves trusting a third party with your funds.

Both staking methods offer potential rewards for users who participate in securing the network. Ultimately, the decision between staking on your own or using cold staking services depends on your personal circumstances, preferences, and level of technical expertise.

Even though, Staking PIVX can be also performed through Exchange Platforms like Binance Earn, and other Staking Platforms that support PIVX, I personally do not like any at all because you earn PIVs after subtracting the platform fees and I prefer to earn FULL STAKE! Who doesn't?!


Final thought!

I stake PIVX because I believe in the purpose of the project as it utilizes transactions fast and privately thanks to zkSNARKs technology from ZCASH.

However STAKING alone does not MAKE U RICH at all. I am not rich either.
BUT!, I do follow a strategy; I buy low - The Dip - and hold for staking, then I sell some when value goes up, and Stake the rest then I repeat again and again.


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