(MEME) MicroStrategy hired BitBoy as an Advisor

By Cryptozarius | Meme Blog | 13 Mar 2021

MicroStrategy announced Friday it purchased 262 Bitcoin for an average price of $57,146$. It has been uncovered that the CEO of MicroStrategy has been caught watching BitBoy's youtube stream and has been following his strategy the whole time.

Rumour has it ever since BitBoy got his hands on MarketCipher & has been shilling it, he's been watching the 1 second chart and has been buying on the green dots of that 1 second timeframe. Which resulted into him getting liquidated twice in the past few weeks.

The MicroStrategist investors were reached out to & apparently contacted MarketCipher so they remove this tool from BitBoy's hands before more damage is done to their portfolios.






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