India During Pandemic : Perspective of a Middle-class Boy.

By Sdsahu101 | Me in the World | 2 May 2020

Well hello everyone and welcome to my new article. Hope all of you are safe and sound in the middle of this pandemic where ever you are present at this crucial moment. So let's get to it.


Lockdown & Life in India

So as many of you must have knowledge that India is the Largest democracy in the entire world. But sadly it is a country where about 80% of its wealth is circled among only 5% of it's population and the rest majority of the people even finds it very difficult to meet even the days meet of food.

I being a middle-class boy in the time of this lockdown can't even able to provide anything towards my family.So my life now has become grim and pale. I operated a non-essential service store which I have to shut due to the Government's order which was my only way to earn some money to support my family during this lockdown. So now it is becoming very difficult to provide even two meals to my family.

As I wrote this I can also relate that a lot of Indian middle-class family are also going through this.

Apart from this I can't even imagine what the poor people of my country must have been going through during these tough and unprecedented times.

To overcome this pandemic though our government is trying it's level best to provide atleast food to the needy,as many other government plans it is also hardly reaching to the people.

So I think I have made it pretty clear what we guys are facing here in the biggest democratic country country of the world.


Hope you all liked my ground reality of the situation here in India during the lockdown and hoping that this lockdown will be lifted soon. With saying all that I bid you guys a goodbye and be safe.


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