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ZED.RUN, the next evolution in gaming: part II

By McKayStevenson | McKay Stevenson | 2 Aug 2021

ZED.RUN, the next evolution in Gaming: Part II — racing. McKay Stevenson

McKay Stevenson


Part I:


Okay, now that you have a stable and a horse, it’s time to see what your horse is made of!

First, we need to cover Classes and your horse’s Z-rating.

There are six(6) classes within the ZED racing sphere;

  • Griffin- un-raced
  • Class 5- a Z rating between 0–20
  • Class 4- a Z rating between 21–40
  • Class 3- a Z rating between 41–60
  • Class 2- a Z rating between 61–80
  • Class 1- the highest-rated class…includes the best horses and the most expensive races with a Z rating above 81.

The classes are designed to group horses of similar ability with the intent of leveling the playing field and maintaining a degree of ‘fairness’ in the outcomes.

If your horse has never raced before, the first step is to enter the free Griffin class race. The Griffin race acts as an entry point and determines your horse’s base rating, which is linked to its genotype as shown below:

Z1 — Z4 base rating of 57

Z5 — Z9 base rating of 37

Z10+ base rating of 17

Once your horse competes in a Griffin Class race, its initial base rating will be displayed and you’ll have a better idea of your horse’s talent level and be assigned a class level. Now the real fun begins!

After each race, a racehorse can either regress into a lower class, stay in the same class, or progress into a higher class.

  • NOTE: a racehorse can compete in a higher-tiered race outside of its current class, but cannot compete in a lower-tiered class.

Horses are awarded Z points at the end of each race based on their finishing position:

  • 1st place is awarded 4 points
  • 2nd place is awarded 3 points
  • 3rd place is awarded 2 points
  • 4th place is awarded 1 point
  • 5th thru 8th do not receive any points, positive nor negative
  • 9th place is awarded -1 point
  • 10th place is awarded -2 points
  • 11th place is awarded -3 points
  • 12th place is awarded -4 points

For example, if you own an un-raced Z5 horse (Griffin class) and it finishes in second place, its post-race class rating will be 37 + 3 = 40, thereby starting in Class 4.

With your horse’s class established, now it's time to RACE!

To see which races your horse is eligible for, simply click on any free gate number so that the select racehorse window pops open. Within this window, you will notice that ineligible horses will be grayed out. You can also simply click on the class level buttons across the top of the screen and be

Each race has a name, location, class designation, distance, entry fee, and prize pool. Once you’ve decided on a race, simply click on it and the race window will open. Gate numbers (shown near the bottom of the window) are assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • NOTE: your horse may have a gate preference :) but this can only be determined by racing your horse and determining the preference based on his/her finishing position over time.
  • NOTE: your horse may also have a distance preference, but again, this can only be determined by running the races and learning which distance your horse performs best at.

Only available gate numbers will be shown. Click on your desired gate number and a new window will pop open asking you to confirm; click on ‘enter’ and your Metamask window will open asking you to sign the confirmation. Once signed, you’re in!

Race start times are not pre-scheduled but instead are scheduled once 12 horses have signed up to race. Only after all 12 gates have been filled will the race be scheduled.

  • NOTE: Because the scheduling of races occurs on a first-come, first-serve basis, the races can get back-logged and take several hours to occur.

From here, you have the ability to watch the race in real-time, cheer for your horse, and watch ’em win. If you miss the race, you can always go back and watch the replay by clicking on the ‘REPLAY’ button.

If your racehorse finishes 1st, 2nd or 3rd, your winnings will be automatically added to your wallet in WETH.

  • NOTE: your horse can only be entered in up to 3 races at any one time.

That about does it for the racing segment, follow the link below for part III.

part III:


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