24hours overview with CRYPTObubbles

By Mchoeti | Mchoeti | 6 Apr 2021

You need an overview?

Sometimes you stand up in the morning and you need to take q quick look on your coins, the portfolios etc..  Which means a quicl view could take you more time than expected and of course more time that you quit have in the morning. For me i have found this website very interesting. It is called Cryptobubbles and i love is https://cryptobubbles.net/ 


Yes of course i did the screenshot today. Where we can see many winners. But we are right now in a bull market so why not spread some positive energy. :-) I also know that there are many portals or platforms out there where you can get an overview pretty quick. But for me. to be honest. it is fun. Waking up, gooing to the coffee machine and wait for the coffee. In the meanwhile i activate my mobile, open the website..  and.... see the results.

Be carefully:

But be carefully. As far as i know cryptobubbles.net is using the last week as indicator. So please change it to daily or other options you want. As i have explained before. For me it is the day which i am relying on. You can change it via the pen symbol on your mobile and choose the period.



As an addtion, cryptobubbles only takes the top 100 from Coigecko. The creator call the website an 

Interactive bubble chart for the TOP 100 cryptocurrencies

This was my submission for today. I hope we all will see a wonderful altcoin rally up to the moon. Let`s trade and have some fun. All the best and have a wonderful start in the day. Let #Crypto rule the world. And do nor forget to use PRESEARCH :-)


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But as always this is not a financial advise this is only my way of thinking. Be careful, take profits and remember you can loose all your money. I also added some of my affiliate links in the box. If you need an discount of 10% on BINANCE you can use this one. And if you want to participate on other projects. As example DEFI please use the link to receive a sign up bonus about 20$ after your first deposit. Stay save and make good gains.

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