How to grow your wealth in the Upland Metaverse beyond selling virtual land

With over 200,000 land owners in Upland, this Metaverse is one of the largest.  Tons of content exists on how to mint land and sell it for a large profit, but there are other ways to earn and amass wealth in Upland as well.  If you aren't looking into become an amateur virtual realtor or a landlord, Upland has many other exciting ways to earn by playing. 

As a play to earn game, the Upland Metaverse has found a way to enable people to enjoy the metaverse, and even earn US Dollars without the need to understand the blockchain, NFTs, or even going through the hassle of opening a wallet!  Upland is an easy way for people who aren't well versed in crypto to gain exposure to the Metaverse, and these new technologies.  The foundation of Upland as a property trading game enables players to own land mapped to the real world.  If you are able to mint some popular real world properties, you can resell them for a nice profit.  Having said that, buying and selling land is only a part of the Upland Metaverse.  The Upland Guide has a complete list of different way that you can earn in Upland - whether it be UPX - the in game currency, US Dollars, or spark - a valuable in game resource used to construct non living objects such as homes, or even cars!

It's possible to start playing Upland for free, but even a small investment can speed up your growth.  Players who were playing Upland just over a year ago were able to mint properties in Manhattan for the equivalent of $2 or $3.  For those who held on to those properties they are able to receive a 100 x return on their investment, with the cheapest properties in many Manhattan neighborhoods being over $200 just one year after its release!  Many players attempt to grow their net worth by flipping properties because they don't intend on investing much money into the game.  I believe players who are patient and hold on to their valuable properties will see much larger returns in the long run.

Many players will try to start playing for free, or a with very small investment, but if you believe in the metaverse and truly want to amass wealth in Upland, you are going to want to start by investing.  (I am not a financial advisor and this post is not financial advise. Do your own research).  As an average player who is looking to get started by investing less that $100 in the game, all the basics can be found on my website - the Upland Guide.  For any type of player, participating in new city releases where you are able to mint properties at base price is one of the fastest ways to grow both your in game net worth and your wealth.  Below are some other methods to grow your wealth that are less discussed publicly.

Buy in to exclusive cities

Within the game, players try to grow their net worth in order to level up to different status within the game.  This is not the same as growing your wealth.  Someone who minted five 2,000 UPX ($2) properties in the Manhattan city release may have a net worth of 10,000 UPX but we can agree that he is wealthy, where wealth measures the value of all the assets of worth owned by a person.  If he were to sell those properties, he could earn several hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Buying into cities like San Francisco - the first and genesis city in Upland or highly popular areas of world famous cities like Chicago or Los Angeles can be good longer term investments (again, this is not financial advice).  A small city like Rutherford is also seeing price increases due to its small size, proximity to Manhattan, as well as the fact that it hosts 2 NFL teams- both the New York Giants, and the Jets.  With Upland selling NFTs, or Legits of NFL players at the home stadiums, Rutherford should be considered an important city in Upland, especially for any NFL fan, but more on that below.

Utilize the Spark economy

Buying or minting properties cost UPX, and this is just one of the resources in the game.  Anyone can buy UPX with USD or cryptocurrencies, but spark is a limited resource in Upland that is harder to get your hands on.  Purchasing it from the Upland store is one method, but the best value at $460 for one spark is only awarded to those who win the raffle.  Spark can be won through treasure hunting, or through other Upland contests as well.  Spark can be rented out to other players for UPX, but as the resource that will be used to build the metaverse some people are taking advantage of the opportunity to build without understanding all the use cases of it.  We know that in the future players will need to define their primary residence in the Metaverse, and there are players constructing homes and building up neighborhoods to provide other players who don't have as much spark with potential rental home options.  The amount of spark required to construct a car or outdoor decor on your lawn is also unclear, but unlike UPX, amassing spark wealth will take time.  Investing in owning spark is a great way to invest in your future in Upland.  Spark will also function as energy or a type of fuel for your car.  Travelling by car will use up energy and you will need to refuel your car at the end of the day or after having driven a large distance.  

In the future, when you have to decide between constructing a home, building some outdoor decor, or fueling your car you might find out you don't have enough owned spark in order to do everything you hope for.  Buying and obtaining spark now could be a good investment further into the future.  You may find yourself in a situation where you are renting spark 2 years from now, instead of investing in it now, and having already received a return on that investment by then.

Buy NFL Player Legits

Upland's licensing agreement with the NFL Players Association allows for NFTs of NFL players to be created and sold within Upland.  You can own 1 of 1 NFTs of your favorite player from a specific game with his game stats minted to the NFT.  Just like football cards included a player's yearly stats, Mementos have game stats.  Much of the utility of these Legits are still in development, but we can expect collections, different types of Legits including autographs and even head to head fantasy leagues.  The Upland Guide will help you to get started with Legits, but one of the more exciting aspects will be owning Replicas.  Replicas are copies of Mementos and are limited in supply.  With Mementos, you know which player you are minting before the game is played.  Whether his team won the game, or he has an exceptional personal game will influence the value of that Memento.  Obtaining a Replica of a specific Memento player is not guaranteed.  Five Essentials will have to be burned in order to get a Replica.  Of the five, one of them is chosen to have an influence on either the player, team, or type (hat/jersey) of the Replica, but nothing is guaranteed.  If you weren't able to mint Mementos, owning a Replica of the player will help to increase your fan score by adding them to collections.  Starting to mint Essentials with the goal of leveraging them to obtain Replicas that can then be collected or sold is a great way to get in early on Legits.  At the time of this writing, everyone has equal opportunities to mint one of the first Tom Brady Replicas, or other star players once this functionality is introduced.  With the uncertainty of what Replica you obtain, you might not get what you are looking for.  But you may get a Replica someone else is just dying to have, and that could place you in a position to make a nice sale.


If you are creative, the Metaverse is a place where you can leverage your skills and earn.  If you can design a 3D home, or if you can create art - either 2D or 3D, there is place for you in Upland.  Players will be able to import their NFTs into Upland and sell them in a Metaventure, or player run business.  At the moment, Block Explorer shops and NFL Player Legits Fan Shops are in beta testing.  These shops are able to sell in game assets.  In the future there are opportunities for players to sell user generated content - whether it be a custom designed house, or maybe a backyard swimming pool.  Start by creating a brand for yourself and be ready to sell your creations in Upland.  If you aren't creative but are entrepreneurial, there is the business aspect of running a Metaventure.  Advertising, sales, marketing, financing, store management are all things that need to be considered when you are planning to open a metaventure - not just the creative aspect.  Create a business plan, get ready for these new features to enter Upland.  It may be enticing to make a quick sum of money, but patience can pay off for those who plan accordingly. Upland has already held design contests where players who won had their creations featured and sold within Upland, with the creator keeping the majority of the sales revenue!

Prepare for cars!

At the moment you are able to immediately travel within a city between any two locations.  Following the release of cars we can also expect real time movement.  This means that traveling from one end of the city to another will take time.  If you don't have your own car, you may need to take an Uber.  We can also expect assets like outdoor decor and manufactured cars themselves to require shipping from manufacturing plants to showrooms to your own virtual home.  There is an entire untapped economy just waiting to be created around cars and transportation of players and assets.  Another exciting aspect regarding cars is racing!  Players will not only be able to race cars in the metaverse, but they will be able to create their own race track based on real world streets!  The drivers of these cars will be your block explorer, and they can be trained in order to improve their racing abilities.  Did you forget that Upland is a play to earn game? By car racing, and winning you will be able to earn! Get paid to car race.  You can train your block explorers, and even sell them in block explorer shops.  If you have time, this can be a fun way to be making money!  Learn more about car racing with the Upland Guide.


There are many ways to earn and amass wealth in Upland.  Flipping virtual land in the short term is absolutely a good strategy, but don't be short sighted.  Having a medium and long term strategy in Upland is important.  Not every player will have the time and/or resources to participate in all aspects of Upland.  As more cities are released with events happening in parallel, you won't be able to be in two places at once.  For example, if you aren't a football fan, its OK not to get involved in NFL player Legits.  We can expect other types of Legits that offer a similar experience and ways to earn in the future.  As Upland continues to introduce new features and new partnerships, I believe there will be something for everyone in this Metaverse.  You have to find what you enjoy while factoring in your budget and time you have.  Build your strategy with those things in mind, and don't compare yourself to other players, it's likely they have different goals and strategies.

See you around the metaverse!

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