Midas Ecosystem — One Stop Solution Services

Midas Ecosystem — One Stop Solution Services

By MCashChain | Mcashchain | 29 Jun 2020


After one year of development, we are ready to roll out all services that Midas Ecosystem can offer to the market.

  1. Coin Listing on Vinex.Network exchange
  2. Coin Listing on UniDex Exchange
  3. Coin Listing as default on Midas Protocol Wallet
  4. dApp Listing as default on Midas dApp browser (MCashChain, Ethereum, Tomochain, Tron)
  5. Coin integration with MCashPay Crypto Payment Gateway
  6. Trading Contest on Vinex.Network exchange
  7. Dapp on Demand
  8. Unidex’s multi-chain bridge to swap mirrored tokens (eg. between ERC20/TRC20 and M1/M20)
  9. Shop opening on Midashimaya C-Commerce Platform
  10. Airdrop campaign on Vinex and Midas wallet
  11. and more..

Especially if payments are made in $MAS or $MCash, there will be a 20% discount* on all services. So now, MAS/MCash utility is not only for individual clients but also for corporate clients and project teams.


To get the Latest Quote on our services, please contact us at info@midasprotocol.io

In Crypto we trust, in Midas we grow!

  • Subject to monthly review. Midas reserves all rights to change or cancel any terms without prior notice.

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Enable Frictionless Digital Economy


Enable Frictionless Digital Economy

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