MCash and MAS Value Growth through Double Burning Process

By MCashChain | Mcashchain | 21 Jul 2020

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Dear Midas & Mcashchain community,

As you all may already know, MCash is burned with the following actions:

  • Each wallet activated: 0.1 MCash automatically burned
  • Each Supernode set up: 10,000 MCash automatically burned
  • Each token issued on MCashChain: 1,024 MCash automatically burned
  • All smart contract interaction fees over individual user’s energy
  • All transaction fees over individual user’s bandwidth

To date, approximately 260,000 MCash have been burned.

To bring more value to the community, we will introduce a new burning mechanism for both MAS and MCash by setting up a burning pool in which, half will be burned in MCash, the other half will be swapped to MAS to burn.

  1. Earning from Lucky Wheel ticket sales to contribute to the pool.
  2. Earning from Unidex.Market swap relating to MCash, MAS and M1/M20 pairs to contribute to the pool.
  3. Earning from trading fees of MAS and MCash pairs on Vinex.Network to contribute to the pool.
  4. Earning from Mavatar NFT sales (MiiC: Midas i-Coupon) and NFT sales commission on Midashimaya to contribute to the pool.
  5. A portion of earning from dApps/bApps receiving support from MCash Foundation to contribute to the pool (example: Maslott, Fengshui Wallet, God of Go, Vault, Survey Bull, Multicoin Gaming Center, Dragon Ball M, MasBid etc.). dApp On Demand program will continue to bring lots more products to serve the market and fuel the burning speed again and again overtime.

We will display the burning amount on as well as

To our beloved Midasians, don’t forget that every time you use a product of Midas Eco and every time you share and help bringing new users to Midas Eco, you contribute to the growth of MAS and MCash value through this double burning process.

Find out more on Midas ecosystem:

Midas Wallet


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