GemMob development on MCashChain

GemMob development on MCashChain

By MCashChain | Mcashchain | 29 Jun 2020


Singapore, 18th July 2019,

Gemmob Game Studio is an indie mobile game developer whose mission is to build world class games for everyone whoever they are, wherever they stay, whatever they do and whenever they want. Gemmob believes that mobile games are a good source of entertainment for everyone and the studio is built on creating world-class games for all to play everywhere at any time, bringing them the best leisure time in their daily life.


MCashChain is a Decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed, which aims to Enable Frictionless Digital Economy. MCashChain will have the most aspired characters for high throughput dApps required by Midas Ecosystem and our dApps extension allies. By learning from all existing dPos Chains, MCashChain eliminates the pain points, and the instability of previous chains developed. 10k TPS with LightningSend feature enabled since the 1st day, 3-second block confirmation time, zero-fee for ordinary users, fully integrated with a larger Midas ecosystem, including Midas Wallet, Vinex.Network exchange and cross-chain exchange UniDex.


GemMob and Midas Protocol has entered into a partnership as follows:

  1. GemMob Token to be issued on MCashChain (GMT)
  2. GemMob Token to be listed on Vinex Network and UniDex
  3. GemMob Token to be fully integrated on MCashPay
  4. Over hundred dApps will be developed on MCashChain and run directly from Midas dApp Store browser. Original titles games apps will also be developed and use MCashLight, MCashPay to fuel the game plays.1*IETlp-hVHdF__XDKcgJXfw.jpeg

Mr. Ngoc Nguyen, Co-founder & Chief Technology Architect of MCashChain, commented: “This partnership is the showcase of the use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies to drive e-sport on Blockchain. Deep integration of GemMob and Midas Ecosystem will bring more joy and fun to the game lovers around the world.”

Mr. Hung Le Dinh, Co-founder & CEO at GemMob Game Studio added: “The collaboration between Gemmob and Midas is our next step to develop world-class mobile games. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in mobile games would enhance in-game experience and offer external value to our players as a reward for their playing time.”

GemMob Ecosystem:

Midas Wallet and MCashChain ecosystem:

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Enable Frictionless Digital Economy


Enable Frictionless Digital Economy

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