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Building Midas & MCashchain Ecosystem past one year has been a rewarding, challenging and enlightening experience. It has opened up new opportunities, new synergies and given us the perspective we wish we’d had a year ago. So let’s take a fresh look at our whole ecosystem.

Pillar 1: Midas Protocol 4-in-1 Wallet (Store, Swap, Spend, Share)


Midas Protocol is a multi-crypto-currencies wallet that users can use to store multi-cryptocurrencies and tokens; and conduct trading activities directly from wallet with multiple DEXs and CEXs, using multiple advanced order-types including automated execution settings; spend crypto-currencies on compatible platforms that integrate with Midas wallet.

Pillar 2: Exchanges

Vinex Network — Centralized Exchange:


Vinex currently lists 70+ pairs of 30+ coins and tokens, being featured on CoinMarketCap, Coingecko, Blockfolio and trusted by many tech-savvy experts.

  • High Performance: the capability to process 500,000 orders per second
  • Multilingual Users’ Support: English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, French, Japanese, Korean and German.
  • Extensive APIs: Support 3rd-party trading platforms and an algorithmic trading bot
  • Referral Program: 5 levels of commission
  • Soft locking $MAS for trading fees reduction, maximum 30% trading fees. For Midas Pioneers, the amount of soft lock will be half of normal Midasians.
  • Website: https://www.Vinex.Network
  • Blog:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:

UniDex — Decentralized Exchange:

Unidex is a Multi-Chain Decentralized Exchange for innovative cryptocurrencies. Tokens on Unidex can be converted from one blockchain to another in order to bring the usefulness of cryptocurrencies to the next adoption level globally.


Pillar 3: MCashChain and dApps development

MCashChain is a Decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed which aims to Enable Frictionless Digital Economy. We are working towards a blockchain-based platform for electronic payment which is more secure, transparent, highly scalable and available for DApps in our ecosystem and others. The application of MCashChain is unlimited with high speed transaction, zero fees for ordinary users and high scalability in nature.


  • No ICO
  • Governance by Supernode Committee
  • Mineable by Staking nodes
  • 64 Supernodes for 30% p.a an average ROI
  • Unlimited 4 level staking nodes 18% p.a an average ROI
  • Zero fees (with bandwidth & energy)
  • 10k TPS (transfer per second) with LightningSend
  • 50k TPS (transactions per second) with Sharding (Q4/2019)
  • Block time — 3 seconds
  • Zerocoin mixing for privacy
  • Mineable with low hardware requirement (~100usd/month)
  • MCash dApp Studio — 1st IDE for intuitive dapp programming
  • Monitoring and real-time reward settlement on Midas Wallet
  • Cross-chain swap enable on Unidex
  • Proof of Stake & Delegated Authority Voting (PoS-DAV)
  • Website: https://www.MCash.Network
  • Blog:
  • Twitter:
  • Telegram:

Pillar 4: Foundations

Midas Foundation goal is to kickstart potential frontier technology projects, provide reliable information, and validate projects according to Global Transparency Alliance Framework. Midas Foundation is committed to bringing the most benefits and rewards to Midas Pioneers & Midasians as well as to increase and protect their investments in Midas Ecosystem.


MCash Foundation aims to help grow the MCashChain and dApps development through the Foundation funding for more dApps teams to join our Ecosystem. MCash Foundation also operates 30 supernodes for MCashChain Consensus.

The ultimate objective of our Foundations is to innovate in such a way that it can provide passive income and smart investment opportunities to the Pioneers/Midasians.

Blockchain Engineering Search and Training Center (B.E.S.T Center)


Best Center is dedicated to promote community, bring awareness and adoption of blockchain technology to the public. Best Center also conducts publication of books and magazines for the blockchain industry in Vietnam as well as oversee. The blockchain news is delivered via platform Numerous startup teams are formed, coached; besides, they can also launch their blockchain-based products.

We hope that with this summary, users and community will have more precision and a better overview of the Midas Ecosystem.


Pillar 5: MCashPay


MCashPay is a crypto payment gateway that empowers many businesses with borderless payment method. MCashPay features a simple interface for in-person transactions POS with fast settlements. It can also auto-convert coins, saving users the trouble of moving funds which takes time and costs fees. Readily integrated into Midashimaya e-commerce platforms and many others, MCashPay is built to revolutionize crypto payment space.
Accepting crypto payments with MCashPay is easy in a few steps and completely hassle free.

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Enable Frictionless Digital Economy


Enable Frictionless Digital Economy

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