BigBom issued BBOM token on MCashChain

By MCashChain | Mcashchain | 6 Jul 2020


Singapore, 4 October 2019,

Traditional advertising methods have several disadvantages, one of which is the lack of trust between partners. Advertisers are afraid that their requirements won’t be met after the payment, while service providers are afraid that advertisers won’t pay when the work is done. Bigbom Eco provides a smart contract solution that allows both parties to trust each other. Additionally, BigBom’s transactions are quick, cost-effective, and transparent. Bigbom Eco serves as a decentralised advertising ecosystem for all parties involved in online advertising (advertisers, service providers, content publishers, advertising channels, platforms). All data linked through Bigbom Eco is transparent, accurate, automated, and immutable. Bigbom is a part of the Bigbom Eco ecosystem.

MCashChain is a decentralized and Social e-Payment Platform with Zero Fee and Lighting Speed, which aims to enable a frictionless digital economy. MCashChain will have the most aspired characters for high throughput dApps required by Midas Ecosystem and our dApps extension allies.

By learning from all existing dPos Chains, MCashChain eliminates the pain points, and the instability of previous chains developed. 10k TPS with LightningSend feature enabled since the 1st day, 3-second block confirmation time, zero-fee for ordinary users, fully integrated with a broader Midas ecosystem, including Midas Wallet, Vinex.Network exchange, and cross-chain exchange UniDex.

On July 23, BigBom has started the process to migrate to MCashChain. Today we are excited to announce another important milestone: BigBom’s token has been issued on Mcashchain. The BBO token that issued on MCashChain will have BBOM ticker. The BBO token holders can choose to stay with the ERC20 standard or to swap their ERC20 tokens for M1 at a ratio of 1:1 anytime they want. We will provide a Step-by-Step Guide to swap in the next few days.

Mr. SN, the MCashChain CTO, commented: “It has been a pleasure working with BigBom team during the migration process. With this partnership and migration of BBO ERC-20 Token to MCashChain, we shall continue to support and help BigBom grow and scale fast. The new token of BigBom on MCashChain will be listed shortly on Midas Wallet, on Vinex Network and Unidex exchanges. Further integration on MCashPay payment gateway and full wallet integration so that ads agencies can pay for BigBom services directly from Midas Wallet will follow.”

Mr. Vung, the BigBom CEO, added: “As part of our goal of providing the best-decentralized advertising service, we are committed to fostering collaboration and inclusiveness. Through Bigbom’s partnership with Mcashchain and the issuance of BBOM token on Mcashchain, we are advancing towards the goal of becoming a part of a global and open ecosystem by being interoperable with any major blockchains. Our users can choose to stay with ERC20 or to swap their ERC20 token for M1 at ratio 1:1”.

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Enable Frictionless Digital Economy

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