By vclv | MayVaneDay Outtakes | 23 May 2020

false idol looks over ruined domain
and sees that the people have wandered astray
so she waves her hand, and messenger bear goes hence
to warn the people below that their fate teeters on the fence

my lover has a tattoo of a bear on her chest
inky head permanently pointed to what she believes is west
but North is where I buried my heart
and North is where my fate lies.

my brown fur
pulled over,
my teeth
dripping red,

my possessions
I've hoarded
scattered around
my den.

you claim you could not bear to see me a bear,
but I think you're just afraid to see your flesh tear
your once slim muse a hulking muscle mass
and the ego of the gods instead of a heart of glass

it would be better, I'd wager,
than how I stand now:
dearth of death and emotion,
forever staring at the below

something stirs in my heart.
perhaps a buried vial of rage?
light behind these fierce eyes
as I stare down this vital page.

do I remember you as you are?
or as you used to be?

if I am not who I was before,
then have you and I ever truly met before?


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MayVaneDay Outtakes
MayVaneDay Outtakes

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