Rollercoin update 2023 and the strategy to earn crypto

My Strategy For Rollercoin After The New Update 2023

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 9 Jun 2023

If you’re a member of Rollercoin then I am sure you have noticed the recent updates, and if you’re not and maybe you want to start with this mining simulator system then this post might help you

What is Rollercoin?

Rollercoin is a mining simulator system where you have your own fictional character and room to play games and own miners so you could grow your mining system and earn crypto

rollercoin mining room

Does Rollercoin cost me anything?

You can create your account for free and if you use any referral link you will get a bonus of 1,000 satoshis of bitcoin

Use my link and get free satoshis to start

If you decide to mine for free then you have to play games and gain power daily to maintain an income otherwise if you want to invest by getting miners and only play a couple of games then it will cost you RLT tokens

You can get RLT (the in-game currency) by mining or depositing cryptocurrencies and converting them to RLT or by playing games and earning rewards when any event is live

So in conclusion

Free way: play games daily

Paid way: deposit crypto and swap them to RLT to buy miners

The new updates of Rollercoin

In the previous version, we were able to play games and maintain our power depending on our pc level and recharge our electricity power for free

But the new update changed this process and now we have to recharge it by buying a battery, but the good news it’s the paying process is in RST (the event reward we get by doing tasks) and not in crypto

Usually, I get RST by doing some of the daily and weekly tasks which are:

  • Play any game daily
  • Win 10 games of a specific game (daily task)
  • Win 20 games
  • Win 50 games

daily RST task on Rollercoin

weekly RST task on Rollercoin

Just go to the store and then the event store to buy batteries because what I noticed is if you didn’t recharge the electricity power daily your entire power even if you have miners will decrease and this way your income will slow down

My strategy to grow my crypto income on Rollercoin

The first thing I need and always try to do is to maintain my max level of pc which is level 4 that can hold my power for 7 days as long as I play one game in the last 24 hours

Secondly, I have to do the daily quests for the seasonal event that can earn me XP and RST rewards

I only focus on playing 70 games daily and sometimes if they offer a reward for playing one of my favorite games 15 times I do it too, and of course, I claim the bonus and easy reward which is the social media task

daily task for seasonal event on rollercoin

Thirdly, I take advantage of the exceptional prizes Rollercoin offers from time to time where we can earn miners, RLT, XP, and mining powers by collecting points either by reaching a higher level in any game & by spending RLT in the marketplace

exceptional prizes for playing games on rollercoin

My last plan is to merge miners if I have the parts, but if I don’t have them I wouldn’t buy them because they are expensive in the marketplace

And I also plan to sell and buy miners aka trading them to grow my mining power with time

Now everyone has it own strategy of splitting the power to gain crypto on Rolelrcoin and I have tested different coins but my ongoing plan is to mine 50% BTC & 50% DOGE, the BTC earning will go to buying miners while the dogecoin for withdrawal

What's your strategy for Rolelrcoin growing? and what's the crypto you're mining right now?




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