why my first blog fail

My First Blog Fail... Why?

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 25 Dec 2023

My first blog was a failure project, and this is not because blogging is hard but it’s all because of me..in this post I will try to mention everything I did right and wrong during my experience.

Let me tell you first that I am not an expert, I am just a girl that love crypto and trying to earn money online in different ways and I just want to share with you what I learned so far!   

Ever since I learned about bitcoin and crypto in general, I started testing a lot of websites and apps to earn extra cash beside my main work on print on demand sites as a designer.

And in this time, I searched and heard about how you can make a lot of money by getting your own website, this idea alone catch my attention and I told myself I need to do this at some point.

Now back to the days when I decided to get my first blog ( vc income), back then I was watching some YouTube videos about blogging and I thought if I didn’t do it now, I will never do it (you know how we all are these days :))

And just like this I purchased my first hosting plan on hostinger but not before choosing the name of my domain and designing my logo.

So, the first thing I did right was searching to choose what my website should be called and then getting the logo.

The first wrong step is getting the hosting plan before planning ahead my content for the next 2 months at least.

So now you’re telling me that I can’t start unless I have content?!

Of course, you can start whenever you want but if you don’t want to fail you have to plan ahead everything from the layout of your website to blog post ideas to marketing your content otherwise you will get stuck somehow because you know life hits us on a daily basis.

And a lot of us especially the content creators or writers in general will face trouble sometimes when we can't decide which topic to talk about and this when planning ahead will benefit you

What I did right while blogging?

  • I made good quality content (which allowed me to get accepted on google AdSense with just 7 posts)

google AdSense performance on my website

  • I made a forum on my website so members can share their knowledge. 

forum on a website

  • I focused on keywords research and Seo which helped me gain organic traffic and impressions.

my website impressions and clicks

What I did wrong while blogging?

  • I didn’t stick to a posting schedule (I posted whenever I feel like it)
  • I didn’t focus on promoting my blog posts on social media platforms which made my content not reach the right audience.
  • I didn’t plan my content ahead.

There is a lot of details to say on why a blog fail but we can talk about them later when we have more experience, for now let’s keep it simple.


Did you have an experience at blogging? Share it with me.

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