4 months away from publish0x..what I learned?

By Maya35 | Maya35 | 15 Dec 2023

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since I posted anything here and the reason behind this is unintentionally even though it crossed my mind to be away and see what happened to my income here on publish0x.

Why have I been away?

The first reason I have been away is because my first blogging project was about to expired and I had to focus on it for a while so it took a lot of my time and energy (I will talk about this topic later on in another post)

The second reason is out of my control because I had some health problem which made me tired and couldn’t done a lot of work.

Lastly, in this time and after my website expired, I realized I have been facing a real issue in my life which is I am a procrastinator and I really have to do something about it or else I wouldn’t take a step forward and reach my goals.

procrastination drawing

In these 4 months I decided to take a break and learn how to plan my work and i have been working on my designs again (print on demand stuffs) and of course i didn't forget to grow my crypto portfolio. 

What have I learned about working on publish0x?

We all know that writing here on publish0x can help us earn some passive income with time and what I learned in these 4 months break is that:

  • I am getting daily views even when I am away.
  • I got some likes but not as much I get when I publish a new post.
  • I learned some income ($0.17) when I am away but it’s a small amount.

So, in conclusion if you’re a beginner writer here you won't make a lot of passive income if you don’t post regularly, and maybe this will happen after a lot of work as the top earners says.

But I got a lot of views on my posts which give me access to my data and now I know what topics are the most interested according to the readers, and which ones getting more likes and so on


Here’s what I learned so far and I will try to give you more details about my process and hope with this post I will get back to writing and get to know you guys more...Are any of you faced this problem before?

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