Why do guys choose to be wicked?

By Maxwell | Maxwell | 26 Apr 2019

There was this girl that has being into a relationship with one foolish guy for 9years then the girl waited through out till the guy graduates, even before he graduates he was the one helping the boy in school till he finished, this girl rejected good men that came her way for marriage because the guy says that if he live him to another man he will kill himself, she did abortions for this guy 3good times, now this guy has become somebody, a medical  doctor for that matter and now his telling the girl that he can't marry her that she is not his type, she is not good for him and his family, after 9 years in relationship ,after waited all this years hoping that once he became somebody they will get married, mehn guys are wicked, then the girl cursed him and he tot that the curse won't follow him, why guys are this wicked?? ?Am really sad about this. 

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