My first book

By Mawarfatmah | Mawarfatmah | 27 Jan 2021


A detective romance story.


Trauma is not just about fear, but also sadness.
Alarikh saw his father impaled on a busy New Year's Eve. However, he didn't see who the culprit was. Through this sadness, Alarikh became a prosecutor in order to prosecute the perpetrator of his father's murder.
Like God's destiny, early in his career he got a serial killer case using drugs, like the case his father had handled before being killed on New Year's Eve.
That case, also met a girl, whose edge of her headscarf was always wet and her hands shook every time she heard about death. Like Alarikh, it turns out that the girl is also haunted by a past that turns into mental illness. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


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