The technology of the new blockchain based game! (Farsite pt.2)

By unknown8 | Matt's blog | 6 May 2021

That's the part. 2 of articles on Farsite. You can check the article n. 1 to know more about the game itself


Layer 1

The first layer is represented by Ethereum Network to grant secure ownership of game items, protect game rules immutability and control Credits (FAR Tokens) supply and emission Items and Credits could be freely transferred between Ethereum and Layer 2 via bridge enabling trading on external exchanges and marketplaces.

Layer 2

The second layer (L2) built on Polygon (formerly Matic Network) hosts virtual wallets and supports the immutability. Polygon features almost instant transactions and distributed environment with industry-standard trust. All the fees are covered by the Farsite team (absolutely free for a player). Most in-game operations and trading will take place on Layer 2. L2 grants the immutability of operations with Credits, prevents double spent, and grants an ownership of in-game items for players. In-game NFT marketplace runs on Layer 2.

Layer 3

The third layer is the zero-knowledge relay, where all the in-game actions are happening. Formally it's a database with hashed summary of all the operations saved on Layer 2 to ensure the immutability of the in-game results. That allows for fast and free operation of the most non-critical actions (not used for operations with Credits).


Every item is a token (NFT) that is stored in player's wallet with ownership rights ensured by a blockchain.

Using the blockchain in Farsite ensures all the items are owned by players and could be freely traded on the internal market and external exchanges.

A digital wallet is required to store and manage items and Credits by a player.

There is a virtual wallet created for every new account in the game that can be used to play the game, however, we strongly recommend using an independent wallet manager like MetaMask with private keys and seed phrases not stored on centralized servers.


That's the part. 2 of articles on Farsite. You can check the article n. 1 to know more about the game itself and if you like you can register yourself via this link.

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