Welcome to BlitzTOPIA

Welcome to BlitzTOPIA

By Mattdapp | MattpublishOx | 4 Apr 2020



Greetings Topians!

Amidst the chaos in the world we are all enduring at this time, our team has been working hard and nearly around the clock to bring our most exciting addition to the TRONTOPIA platform to date. BlitzTOPIA has laid a foundation that allows for an easy on-ramp for additional games and content to feed the TOPIA ecosystem. This article will outline some of the common questions that users may have, as well as provide additional details for the BLITZ platform.

What is BlitzTOPIA?

BlitzTOPIA is a sister platform to the TRONTOPIA platform. It shares the same token ecosystems, and essentially functions as the PVP Arena for the TRONTOPIA players. All Blitz platform games will have a focus around PVP or global multi-player.

When will it launch?

BlitzTOPIA will launch on April 5th, 9PM EST (1AM UTC).

Do I mine Tokens?

Yes! You will mine Vouchers just like our games on the TRONTOPIA platform. These vouchers can be burned for Seasons Rewards, TSHARE Tokens, or to play into our Vault mini-game.

The minting rate starts at 48 TRX for 1 Voucher. This increases daily, and seasonally by +4 and +10 respectively.

Where does the Rake go?

The Blitz platform will follow the same rake percentages that are set within the TRONTOPIA platform. These rakes are currently:

TOPIA Rewards: 67%, Season Rewards 20%, Diamond Rewards 13%

The Blitz Wheel game has a 16% higher overall global rake than our previous highest raked game (Ultimate Dice). The remaining portion of the edge is used to supply the high house-side gas/energy fee that is required due to the game being fully on-chain.

How do I play Blitz?

First and foremost, you need the TronLink Chrome Extension, or a Mobile Dapp Browser (GuildChat, TronLink Pro, Token Pocket, etc.)

After that, you will need to browse to https://www.trontopia.co — on the left side menu you will see an option for “BlitzTOPIA”, click this to browse to the Blitz platform.

Once you are on the BlitzPlatform, you will need to visit the Cashier. The Cashier is in the menu, or on any blitz game page you can access the Cashier by clicking on the “Balance” box


Once inside the Cashier you can input an amount of TRX to deposit. This will transfer TRX from your wallet, to the Contract. Once TRX is in the Contract you are now able to start playing BLITZ.

Close the Cashier, and you will see a lobby of various wheels to join.


Each wheel will have it’s own minimum and maximum bet amounts. Select a wheel that fits your gaming budget, and click “Join Game”

Once on the Game page, you will see the Blitz game itself, your Contract Balance, and other information which I will go over with you now.


The left menu will display the players who are actively playing on the current wheel session. It displays the amount they have wagered, their color, and their win chance %.


The Countdown above the wheel displays how much time remains until joining is blocked and a winner is selected.



The wheel itself also displays almost all of the necessary pertinent information. The individual player icons (You can set your own inside the Profile page!) displays where each player exists on the wheel. The center of the wheel displays the active bet information. The “Winnable Pot” shows how much is awarded to the winning player.


Once the wheel spins, and a winner is selected, the entire wheel will change to the color of the winning player, and the text above the wheel will display the winner, and the amount they have won.

Once finished playing, you may visit the Cashier and withdraw your winnings or remaining balance instantly back to your wallet.

What is in store for the near future of BLITZ?

We are already working on the second game for the platform. The game is called “TOUCH”. More details will be released regarding this game very soon. We are also working on a global version of the Blitz wheel game.


We are also working quickly to implement our “Dark Mode” for BLITZ.


Where can I find more information or ask questions?

Please join our Telegram Community at: TopiaNetwork

We are very active and have a large support staff to assist with any needs you may have.

Topians, thank you for your time. 2020 is just getting started.

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