Truth, My Love

Truth, My Love

By MatTehCat | MatTehCat's Blogs | 27 Jun 2020

In you, I see all that could be.

In you, I see rivalry.

In you, I see desire.

In you, I see the truth of all that's been shown through the fire.


But, oddly, it's not you, alone, that I love.

It's not you, alone, that I hunger for.

It's not you, alone, that drives me.

It's not you, alone, that I wish to acquire.

In you, what I love is my failure.


In us, I see Humanity.

In us, I see all their foibles.

In us, I see their vulnerability,

Their fear,

Their angst,

Their hopes and dreams…

And I want them to be freed.


That's what I love,

That's what I'd grieve for,

That's what I'd die for;

That's what's in you, my love.


In you, my love, is Life.

In you, my love, is Pain.

In you, my love, is Peace.

In you, my love, is the Truth.


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MatTehCat's Blogs
MatTehCat's Blogs

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