Endless Ripple

By MatTehCat | MatTehCat's Blogs | 31 Jan 2020

Oh, great and immense void,

Teeming with Life and Death,

Rise-up, come to me, and

Be informed by essence. 


Bubble, burst, and release

Your vapor into the

Black and starry ether; 

Join me in shape and mind.


Multiply, yet remain

Utterly unified,

Unique in all your parts,

Unchanging in my heart. 


Majestically descend

Onto the desolate earth;

Give it Hope and Peace, so

That it may be reborn. 


Flow as Desire flows;

With an eternal grace

Matched only by the source

Of its serenity. 


Gather yourself and bloom

Like the waxing of the 

Moon; imbued with the Light

Of Rejuvenation. 


Shield yourself against

The unworthy, drown their

Dastardly spirits with 

Their sinister hunger. 


Protect the innocent;

Serve as a Beacon of

Respite to the forlorn

Traveler, searching for calm. 


Know that your nature’s two,

Made one by your third, which

Cannot be seen nor heard,

Yet, without doubt, must be.


Lastly, know that you are

The darkness that comes to

All; pauper, king, and sage,

Will, by you, be unmade. 


Formless Waters of Bliss,

May this inspirit you,

So that when all turns blue,

I can find my way home. 


You, in truth, are sublime: 

A transcendent love rhyme. 

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MatTehCat's Blogs
MatTehCat's Blogs

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