By MatTehCat | MatTehCat's Blogs | 21 Jun 2020

A world enveloped in flame,
Purified of appearance’s trappings,
Made essence.

The lines of doubt washed away,
Material’s spell broken and dissolved,
One’s, of One.

All that is exists for Him,
And of all that is, is He the source,
Wholly coiled.

He speaks being into darkness,
She’s a beauty that entreats His spirit,
He holds her.

With the Dark One, He sires love,
And from them is born the Moon and the Sun:
Guides of Light.

By both, the world’s given form,
All’s invigorated with soul once more,
Life’s reborn.

The One’s, again, made many,
Yet His essence, as One, remains intact;
Peace preserved.

Like the multitude of stars,
One blooms to Innumerability,
But stands still.

The changing of the ages,
It does nothing to deform their spirit,
Naught moves them.

Though they spread beyond number,
The light within them reflects the One —

In every other is He,
And in He, is their plurality,
Wholly coiled.

Through flame’s purification,
The world was burned to ash, then, sprang to life.
Love was formed.

The Truth of Life is in all,
His Word begot them from the beginning;
He shaped them.

Every loss of theirs, He feels,
Their pain, He bears, their gains, He cherishes,
For He’s them.

He loves them each,
And in their wrongdoing, he grieves with his whole heart,
For in Him, there’s all they could be.



From beginning to end and then back again,

His love for them will always remain.


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MatTehCat's Blogs
MatTehCat's Blogs

Blogs on psychology, philosophy, poetry, religion, literature, and culture.

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