Earning a Passive Income with Sinovate
Sinovate ROI for 12 months

Earning a Passive Income with Sinovate

2018 was an exciting time for SINOVATE, and it saw the release of SINOVATE Infinity Nodes (SIN) First 12-Month Payment Performance. This month will celebrate the expiration of the nodes. June is a time to earn an increased passive income, as the expiring nodes will offer new space for investors.


The initial investment in SINOVATE infinity nodes is repaid long before the nodes expire—the payment in the form of SIN coins. SINOVATE is an excellent form of passive income.


Investing is often thought to be only for the rich, and not within grasp of lower income individuals or families. SINOVATE offers a lower tier investment to help those people get a foothold in the market and receive an excellent passive income  with its MINI Node, let's explore the tiers further.


There are three tiers of Infinity Nodes, and we are going to look at these three and see how good this form of passive income is?

(All the figures are based on the real addresses provided below)


Profit: $180

Real Address: http://sin.ccore.online/address/SUgqNpXU41p3UXERE4F5VNt4p1ZPq1fEht

The total return including the initial investment  was $480, to me this is an excellent opportunity to get a passive income. The investment amount is within the reach of many. If you approach a bank with a low investment like this, most will not pay any dividend. 







Real Address: https://sin.ccore.online/address/SjpjyJouUAoHsjkKa7AjUin6UYrzxWamFD 

This is an excellent mid tier investment for a high passive income opportunity, some banks will not offer any dividend on this amount unless it is invested in a longer term investment account. (5 years approx)


Cost: $3000

Return: 150%


Real Address:  https://sin.ccore.online/address/SbijrdiK5GMQK2bsozWqnn9sgeF2sPCgqg


This is the highest investment tier at this time for SINOVATE, it offers greater financial rewards for the higher investment amount.

The lower level tier of the infinity node allows individuals with lower income a chance to invest, I think this an excellent opportunity for people to earn passive income.

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Masternode Investor
Masternode Investor

Looking for Gems in the #masternode space. #passiveincome is the way to go. Will be trying to discuss about new coins that will help me earn a passive income


I will be providing information on different coins that I am looking into. I want to do this to help people to try and create a good passive income stream. Remember to always do your own research also.

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