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Three Things I Do To Slow Me Down

By Marts | Marts | 15 May 2021

Life is moving incredibly fast, and because of our desire to catch up, we miss out on a lot of things, albeit unintentional. So sometimes, we need to slow down a bit. To take a breather, and to enjoy life. Here are some of the things that I do to help me slow down when everything seems to be in a rush.

  Listen to the sound of nature

Listening to the sound of nature offers a natural soothing effect to the body. When you’ve been so accustomed to the noise of the city, you’ll never know how awesome it is to listen to the sound of nature until you listen to it intently. 

There is a time when I installed apps on my smartphone to play nature sounds, but obviously, nothing beats the original. So whenever I go on hikes or visit the beach, I listen to the sound of nature to relax. I listen to the chirping birds, to the whistling bamboo trees, and the sound of running water. No wonder when you’re close with nature, your mind is clear and your heart at peace. My reflective personality is activated when I feel like I’m one with nature. 

Listening is a skill people have a hard time practicing. We want to speak our hearts out. We want to be heard. But listening is important to maintain a peaceful heart. For God speaks more often in the silence than in the noise. Just like Elijah – in his most stressful, depressing state, God spoke to him in a whisper. 

There is nothing magical in the sound of nature, but it reveals the majesty of God. Nature tells us about how caring our Creator is. If the birds are supplied with food, if the trees are supplied with water, and rain doesn’t disappoint the land, then God can be trusted with our worries in life. 

Nature speaks God’s language. You just have to listen intently.

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  Play your old favorite game 

I belong to a generation who enjoyed both the age without the internet and the dawn of social media. I was able to play street games and also the modern RPG and MOBA games. But the ones I enjoyed playing then were some from the early PlayStation selection. 

Now that I am now an adult, I no longer have the luxury of time to play computer games like when I was still a kid. I could only spare a few minutes. It is also not my priority to buy a PlayStation unit to play for a few moments a week. Responsibilities hit me hard. But I believe that a little bit of play makes a heart merry. So why not indulge a little? 

From time to time I install some games on my smartphone and a PlayStation emulator until my excitement dies down. It’s an occasional relaxation tool to ease my stress or to kill some time. Though I have to keep watch of my time so as not to be fully consumed with what I am playing.

There is no harm in unleashing the inner child in you from time to time. It connects you to who you are when you were young. It energizes you, makes you feel excited. It gives you a rush. For we were all once a child, and no matter how we mature in life, we have something from our childhood that we will never forget. 

When was the last time you get excited over a game? Try to reminisce and reconnect your childhood. It might help you relax when things get a little bit troublesome.

Anyway, I have written another blog about why we play video games. you may check the link out!

  Get out of your comfort zone and create a new circle of friends

Whenever you stay in your comfort zone, you’ll find yourself very much contented and secured. You don’t have to worry about anything as long as you are inside your familiar, comfortable space. 

But much of life happens outside your comfort zone. It pays to meet new friends, to discover new places, and gain new experiences. You miss out on a lot of things when you choose to “cocoon” yourself just to feel comfortable. 

I remember years ago, after a painful heartbreak, I joined an online support group for bloggers and discovered that I have a lot of things in common with most of the members. As I came out of my shell, my circle of friends widened and I have gained not just social media friends but accountability partners for real. I wouldn’t have met them if I chose to stay in my comfortable space. 

Maintaining a healthy heart means allowing yourself some “awkwardness” and “risk”. A seed will not grow into a fruit-bearing tree if it remains isolated from the soil. It needs to be acquainted with the soil, the minerals, and all the elements of the ground to grow. 

Likewise, to get the most out of life, we need to embrace some “awkwardness” and “risk” of meeting new friends and discover that life is not just about being comfortable but growing with people even through discomfort. 

When was the last time you meet new acquaintances? 

Guess what? Our acquaintances can be our trusted accountability friends in the long run! You'll never know!

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Hi, I am Marts! I am a writer, and aside from my stint here, I also have my own blog - I appreciate it if you pay me a visit! I plan on growing my readership as I learn to improve my craft.


Hi, I am Marts! I am a writer, and aside from my stint in publish0x and, I also have my own blog - I appreciate it if you pay me a visit! I plan on growing my readership as I learn to improve my craft and journey towards my passion to write and publish books that add value to people.

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