Will the third halving significantly affect the price of Litecoin?

By Mirb | MARKETING and CRYPTO SPACE | 30 Jul 2023

I am sure that many crypto participants will be very interested in Litecoin in the coming weeks. One of the main questions is how much Litecoin is in demand at the moment. According to cryptocurrency analyst Rekt Capital, Litecoin usually rises strongly before its halving, with the cryptocurrency up 820% after bottoming 122 days before its first halving and up 550% after bottoming 243 days before its second halving. After the first halving, LTC jumped 12,400%, while after the second halving it rose 1,573%.


Litecoin will experience its third halving event on Wednesday, August 2, 2023 at around 21:30 GMT

For some opinion regarding the price growth in the case of Litecoin, one should closely examine the demand for LTC and the planned release of new projects related to Litecoin because Litecoin has managed to hold the top since the beginning and some average new projects can have a huge impact because the next few days naturally, the price of Litecoin has the potential to grow.


It is important to note that the cryptocurrency market is very unstable and that numerous external factors can significantly affect price movements.


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