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What is Burning a Coin? How to Take Advantage of it.

Hey if you guys ever heard of a Coin/Token burn-in crypto it's generally a good phenomenon in the crypto industry.

CZ tweet

CZ the owner of Binance posted this on Twitter recently. It’s the cause of BNB to skyrocket 22% today. All those social media traders are in it for the Burn Trade. The man CZ right here broke down the definition and the outcome of most burns. BNB has burned 14 times and has burned a good amount of supply and as you can see it’s paying off for them. I bought 15.5 BNB at the beginning of the year for under 20$. I love BNB and the Smart Chain as I’m an avid crypto content creator. I HODL some SAFEMOON, bUNDB, and GROOT on the chain. Groot is another token I would like to share with you. They are also doing a coin burn. Reducing the number of tokens from 20,000 to 5000 over the next 9 business days. This project is about to blow up heavily; this is not financial advice either! Groot does scare me in the fact I don’t think it was made by Disney or has the copyrights to the name or likeness of Groot. But with the money they made I’m sure they can fight that or pay it off when they get the cease and desist letter. If even possible floating on a server in the middle of bum fuck Egypt. Another thing is the APR is messed up tonight but it was 97% and 168% respectively. Although, this baby is a money printer and took 5k to 11.5k over the last few months and growing. I’m actually like the 27th holder in the project so I’m repping my shit and pumping my bags. Information is power and you are honestly part of my network and I want you guys to gro with us. Gro yes is the parent coin to Groot and it’s also burning 400,000 coins over the next 9 business days. So either project is a steal before the burn. But don’t take my word for it. Study up on what burning is and how to take advantage of it. I’m actually HODLing bags of all of these coins. So warning it’s at the top but the rocket ship is just boarding right now so better get your ticket. Mid Term Predictions for these coins by April 23rd is BNB 1000$, GROOT 6000$, GRO 100$






(Not financial Advice)

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Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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