Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto
Neosify - Buy, Stake & Earn Crypto

2nd Year of 200$ Social Good Free Airdrop + App Perks 50-100% Crypto Back on Ebay, Best Buy, and Aliexpress While Supply Last

If you've been hearing about Airdrops and your bummed you haven't gotten one yet here is your chance. 200$ my treat thank me in the comments share your results with the squad. It's my Christmas gift to you. Share with your friends and family and get 200$ for each homie that joins.

Classic that right after you buy yourself so many gifts there comes an app that offers 50% back on eBay and Best Buy. 100% off Alibaba which is cray like who, how, and where?

Do yourself a favor and just buy yourself anything bunches of 580 8GB or 2060s they have those in stock buy money printers and get 100% cashback. All I can say is take the free money. I dumped my coins soon as I got them last year and seemed like it was the play at the time. Although, the Social Good app actually has staking features so as more coin gets locked up the value should rise.

Free money

The app is pretty lit it connects to Meta Mask (my weapon of choice). It works seamlessly with decentralized exchanges. I'll vouge for Social Good Token, since it did give me 200$ last year as well. If you feel sketch make a burner Meta Mask wallet to claim the coins. What's is the catch? You actually have to buy something with the app portal worth $30+ in order to claim your $200+ cash back coins and trade them to $ETH or $BTC or whatever ERC20 coin you would like. So I'm sorry for people in countries that don't have eBay, Aliexpress, and Best Buy.

Here is the generated text by the app. Seems pretty hype 10k unlimited times. I'm in the market anyways for a camera so I will test this app and bring you a follow-up on this app. 

Get FREE CRYPTO up to $10,000 unlimited times and 15% STAKING!
Shop at eBay and 1,800+ famous stores to get the crypto SocialGood (SG)
More than 300,000 users since 2018!
📲Use invitation code: 8CZZ2W to get $200


I spend 30$ so easy, buy yourself anything and get some free crypto. Or go hard on it and get a whole mining farm for free the thing says 10k unlimited times. Scared money don't make no money just research how to buy off Aliexpress. 



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Market Speculation Investing With Homies
Market Speculation Investing With Homies

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