Top 8 Influencers In The HEX Community

By Market Militia | Market Militia | 27 Jun 2020


Top 8 Influencers In The HEX Community



8. Crypto Wealth



The guy is easy to follow and keeps the information simple for people new to HEX and how staking works with this token. He talks about a variety of topics but has quite a few videos on HEX and he comes off fairly reasonable in his opinions. 



7. King Of Fomo



The King of FOMO's channel focuses on a variety of cryptocurrencies that provide passive income. One token this influencer talks about is HEX, the decentralized alternative to the well known Certificate of Deposit financial asset used by many to preserve and grow their wealth. 


6. Despide Tu Jefe



I don't understand anything they said... But if you need a Spanish explanation of what is going on with HEX, Despide Tu Jefe is probably your boy! And I say PROBABLY, because once again, I don't speak Spanish. I have absolutely no damn idea what they said and can only hope they're not shilling you XRP. 


5. DeFi Tre


This guy created his own dapp on top of the HEX infrastructure and regularly talks about HEX and his project which I'm not going to bother trying to spell. His app seems to be a gambling style game that rewards people based on something called a "Proof of Weak Hands" system. Use it if you want, I personally won't be using it. 


4. GoodTexture


The guy known as Good Texture has been growing in fame after his extremely bullish prediction that HEX will reach $0.33 by the end of 2020. Is he just a super bull or fucking insane? We'll just have to find out! As I understand it GoodTexture's estimate is partially based on math and partially based on astrological signs and conspiracy theories around Richard Heart secretly being a Mason. Additionally, to my knowledge, his manhood has not been collateralized against this prediction, so you should definitely take it with a grain of salt. 

He's an interesting character and provides a decent amount of entertainment. Most importantly, he switched from being a soy-boy to wagyu-massaging crypto-carnivore with a nice gun collection. If HEX stimulated that change, the project is worth much more than money. 


3. Crypto Coffee


If you're anything like me, you hate the high-energy youtubers that talk loud and fast and much prefer the ones that speak in a calm and relaxed state. Crypto Coffee has a smooth, slower paced style that let's you hear his reasons for believing in the future value of HEX without raising your blood pressure.


2. Gifting You Hex



Gifting You HEX (also known as FundingGym) is a new channel aiming to grow awareness of the new HEX currency.  This influencer is an experienced businessman providing a wealth of knowledge and insight to the HEX community and the broader audience. 


1. RealHEX


The RealHEX channel is presented by a true Bitcoin OG that was "in the room" during the early days of the whole cryptocurrency industry. He is very knowledgeable on crypto-assets and seeks to use his insights to bring adoption to HEX, an asset he believes will outperform Bitcoin. He creates well put together videos that can educate you on the value of cryptocurrencies and specifically HEX.




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