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By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 1 Mar 2020

 To clarify im just a fan of the industry do your own research im not a financial or medical consultant.


 This article isn't just to blow smoke. The marijuana industry seems shady or illegal witch it is on a federal level. Due to that simple fact marijuana and its relative effect on business related to the industry is somewhat unknown. I aim to peek intrest in not the marijuana industry itself but in the products and industry's that benefit without as much legal risk. I apologize before hand i cant provide sources because of google censorship related to the topic. For the last decade the leading innovation in the industry has been caused by necessity, and aided by the lack of any formal source of information. Though that sounds counterintuitive these seemingly debilitating aspects have actually been a blessing.

         The first major innovation to rappidly increase the effect on related business came in the form of extraction. Though hash and terpine extracts are nothing new. Streamlining and scaling up the process for marijuana had never been done.  As a result the first unforseen market boom occurred in the form of rottery distillation equipment an lavender extraction presses. Though relatively unknown before the new usages where understood. In the early 2010s the manufacturer of lavender presses could expect too move a few units a month. This seamlessly changed to a volume of orders impossible to fill the demand for.

      These types of market trends though relatively unknown outside the industry are rapid in nature. This is good news for savy investors, this lack of info could hypothetically be profitable. As of the date of writing this article a low end industrial scale lavender press sells for approximately 1500 usd. Manufacturers in the early 2000s would be lucky to see a little over half that.

      In other cases the cbd boom played a large role as well as the medical/recreational community. Extraction specializing in not potency but flavor profile. This is when the culinary rottery distillation equipment started being sought after by cannabis chefs and entrepreneurs.

        Now like the length of this post my time grows short. I will leave you with some interesting developments in the world of cannabis. Firstly the next major changes are in regards to genetic lineages and coding the marijuana genome. Rudimentary sequencing had been published in early 2011 and mid 2016 but as of this date a copletly sequenced genome has not been released. However it was announced in late 2019 that the testing will be permitted in the US in regards to hemp. Now you may be asking how one may profit from this knowledge. Now to clarify im not a final advisor and this is not financial advice. Now that I've made that clear the next big leap in marijuana may be a form of looking back. In the industry there are what is refferd to as land races. A closed off almost untouched strain that has had minimum interference from selective breeding. It's not to far from the date where the damage done from years of selective breeding will be understood maby even fixable.

        Now i know what you're thinking shut up and get to the point. The takeaway is this transparency is key in this industry within the next decade or two the entire market will more than likely shift. Now potency and purity are the deciding factors. However when reliable information regarding genetic is easily accessible the consumers and growers will expect or even demand better than the standard now witch is basically their best guess.

        Now because of this new information regarding liniage. People who are in the genetic testing industry will more than likely see a rapid uptick in demand. You cant turn on your phone for longer than 10 minutes without some services offering to trace your liniage. That shows they are informing the public on the basics of this tech it won't take long after we map liniage and its correlating chemical makeup that there will be a outrageous demand. More than likely any testing facilities willing to cooperate with marijuana entrepreneurs could basically name your price.

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Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

A brief look into how advances in the weed industry can have a direct effect on integrated markets

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