finding natural medicines kratom ,cbd products, kombucha, and Kanna during the global health crisis

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 11 Dec 2020


Kanna, blue lotus, kombucha, maca, CBD, certain mushrooms, and my favorite pain relief plant Kratom. These natural remedies are very commonly used by those whom may believe in natural medicine or healthy living. However many people have likely been inconvenienced by the minor apocalypse going on. I found myself not being able to purchase natural medicine from local stores because many shut down. I have been trying to get a better understanding of exactly what company's have products with higher purity standards. This is important due to the fact that the products are typically ingested and impurities can be dangerous for the consumer.


This is why I decided to write this These suppliers accept bitcoin and have proven that they are trustworthy. Im a paranoid stoner that insists om growing my own pot because I know it is organic/clean this way. So I tried to grow a Kratom Bush/tree? But I didn't have any luck getting the seeds to germinate. I purchased my Kratom seeds from (Texas herb and botanicals) if you want to check it out.



Since I can't grow my own I then start looking into consumer reviews and examples of illness/problems that doesn't turn up much but I think I have found some suppliers that have clean products. Registered as a GMP Qualified Vendor through the American Kratom Association kraken is the best for Kratom however though not their fault my last order was tampered with by the post office.

My favorite supplier has to be Phytoextractum because they carry the most impressive selection of healthy natural medicine from one supplier i have come across. Kanna,blue lotus, kombucha, maca, CBD, certain mushrooms, and my favorite pain relief plant Kratom. These are just a few of the natural remedies that can be purchased from phytoextractum the kombucha active culture is honestly a first for a Kratom supplier.

Besides Texas herb and botanicals all of the services mentioned above accept Bitcoin for their payment method. They are also GMP Qualified which is atleast some oversight on contamination. The thing that I personally have been wondering should hive have a vendor of natural medicines such as Kanna,blue lotus, kombucha, maca, CBD, Kratom. Are there enough people that would like to see a natural medicine on HiveList or something similar to how weedcash has a store.

Let me know in the commentscanna_curate.png

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Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

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