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Cannabis and cryptocurrency

By Chubbie149 | Marijuana economy | 20 Oct 2020

Social media on block-chain

     Many on publishOx and read.cash have probably know about steemit and hive by now however just for sake of covering all my bases. Steemit, Hive, Peaked, and blurt as well as to many others to name in one sentence are block chain based social media. These networks pay users for up-votes posts and comments.

     Okay so what does this have to do with cannabis well there is a network based on hive that has began the process of legitimizing. As appose to a community in the hive network which it still is also has the https://weedcash.network/  with its own currency and store with merchandise that accepts weed their crypto based off hive and eos1. 


For those that are living in fear of the ban hammer striking that is to say banning a marijuana consumer that can legally partake in cannabis. Weed cash is the answer facebook, twitter, youtube, and uptrend have the nasty habit of penalizing content with marijuana. Not a problem with weed cash finally internet has reclaimed freedoms taken long ago. 2012 i think it was in the before times the long long ago before the millennial copyright agreement fell. Not only is it reclaiming some freedom but your paid to post about weed with WEED their token to buy accessories for toking. Its like inception but it makes sense. So if you are a marijuana advocate recreational smoker or just a fan of pot and your not on the weedcash.network  maybe its time to join and see what the buzz is about. df7b150a83db1611fe2931402b63af9004c8d22e45334e191e639312f5bddac6.png 

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weed.cash: discord


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Marijuana economy
Marijuana economy

A brief look into how advances in the weed industry can have a direct effect on integrated markets

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