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is Upland the digital real estate trading game worth playing?

By Maretti0x | MarettiCrypto | 27 Oct 2021


Today I'm going to tell you about my experience with upland. How the game works, If there is money you can make, and what the future holds for the game. 

What is upland?


Upland is a digital real estate trading game. The main concept of the game is to buy and sell digital properties. By doing that you accumulate a bigger net worth. The properties you buy are a representation of American cities in the real world.


Upland currently contains a total of 13 cities. All of them are in America there are no other continents yet maybe they will add some later on.


The properties you buy are just like plots on the map. You can build a building on them. There currently isn't a clear use case of them other than improving the value of your property. The properties all generate a monthly income of the in-game currency.


Uplander status

Once you accumulate a net worth of 10 000 UPX you become an uplander this is the first stage in actually playing the game and unlocks some new features and benefits. It is recommended to pay 5$ for an extra 5 000 UPX to get the uplander status straight away.

You will get a sign up bonus if you register with my link at the end of this article. You will also get a 25% bonus when you buy some UPX.

How much does the game cost to play?

You don't have to spend money to play the game. You could play it completely free but progression will be very slow at first. I bought a package of UPX (their in-game currency) to get myself some properties and a bit of a head start. 


Can you earn real money in the game?

This is possible. You can sell your properties for real money but this is however still in an early beta phase. 

My experience with the game

I do enjoy playing the game it is passive but it has a nice charm to it. It feels good to flip some properties for a profit and reinvest in new more expensive properties that generate more monthly income. I spent around 120$ to get myself started and buy a small portfolio of properties. 

The game itself isn't active you can just spend 5 minutes a day checking the market for new properties and collect your profits. It will take some time to get things rolling but I like the process

Upland has a very active discord server where people list their for-sale properties to get more exposure so it's pretty nice to check there for good opportunities. They are also very beginner-friendly and will help you to start your upland journey. 

What's next for upland?

The next major update will be a business update which will let you own a business in the game. They are still working a lot on the game. Creating new functionality and making the game more alive. 


Upland also drops some occasional NFT's to change the appearance of your character or buildings.

All the properties you buy are also NFT's minted on the EOS blockchain so they are unique and proven to be yours.

Start playing upland today 

If you use this link, Upland will award you with a bonus for your first purchase


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