ShillFest #1 - October & November 2020

Who doesn't love a good, unemotional shill!

And because of that, I bring you ShillFest #1 (2020).

This morning's Crypto Research Call had an unusual amount of Shilling going on, and our Research Community seemed to love it. Since we started our Research Calls back in October, 2020, we've discussed hundreds of organizations, and plenty that have gone on to perform really well in the last month and a half. 

Thanks to Publish0x having a very cool Coingecko Widget, I thought I'd aggregate all the Coins/Tokens our Community has talked about and/or been excited about in October & November and share them with you. 

We see a lot of value outside of the Coingecko Top 100, and outside of Ethereum & DeFi as well. 

This list is long, overwhelming, and unorganized. If you like this format, I can assemble some organization to this one or on ShillFest #2. Ask for any Bullish or Bearish takes in the comments and I'll gladly give my opinion (and our communities'). 

Hope you see some names you haven't before! 


Hope you saw some names you haven't before!

Now for some SUPER BULLISH TAKES as a rewards for those that made it this far down. 




You don't need to be a VC to have a research community. 

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