Hard Working Attitude

Hard Working Attitude

By Maonx-Blog | Maonx-Blog | 30 Apr 2022

Hard Working Attitude

When I was in school and I was feeling uncomfortable, God was like, Son, it's okay that you're feeling uncomfortable.

This is a part of the process. I'm grinding you, I'm stripping you, I'm molding you, so when you finally get to be the number one motivational speaker in the world, I don't have to strip you down because I've already stripped you.

For many of you, your stripping process has not happened because you're about money and really not about the dream. You're not really about the dream. You don't know how long you're going to be alive. You have no idea what condition you're going to be in a year or two years from now.

The dream is not your concern, but the process is. Can I be real with you all? Most of you think that a lion is who he is because of how ferocious he is when he catches that gazelle. What does a lion do when he sees an animal that's wounded? If they don't kill him, why don't they kill him?

He was already hurt, and the beast, as a part of being a beast, just wasn't eating a gazelle. You don't like the process. Nothing else happens until the process happens, and your problem is that you are no closer to your dreams because your process hasn't started.

You wake up every single day chasing money. You wake up every single day chasing stuff. You wake up every single day chasing money. You wake up every single day chasing stuff.

You wake up every single day chasing money. What's my big goal? What's that big emotion? What's that thing? What's that place? What's that person's What's that contribution? And you have to start obsessing about it.

Your mind moves towards what it is most familiar with, so if you're most familiar with your fears, or these emotions you don't want, or your problems, or your setbacks, then you're going to move towards them.

The reason some people are successful and most aren't is that successful people have the ability to begin to program into their minds the things they want and the dreams they have over and over and over again because they know this to be true.

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