Me at 14 years old

What is going on?

By Manixxia | Manixia | 20 Feb 2021

Hi all that reading this.

I just wanna make a update on what has going on in my life.

First of all i wanna thank all that follow me and reading my posts.

Its like this, i have problem with my physical health and do something small comes up it will be a big deal fore me and i be easy depressed.

Me and my have struggling alot to make money because of covid. I did loose my job and my wife is in school so she cane get a new profession. 

And on top of everything i hade a hard time stop drinking. But i made it so that is a good thing in all of this. 

I wanted to stream and have a good time playing games and have a good time with my viewers but its realy hard to but a mask on and have fun when its so mutch that is going on. 

My plan was that i was going to blogg here and show my progress on my mining rig and what fun stuff going on in my life. Right now nothing of that happening. No money no building. 

But i will promise that i will do my best to come back and post more and more stuff that going on. I have a plan and im going to stick to it so i cane be more happier and a more active blogger. 

Thank you all again fore reding this and those followers i have i wanna say God bless you. 

Have a good all and i will be back soon.

If you wanna more of my stories what happening in my life (like a diary) comment below.

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Im new here and Wanna intruduce mysefe

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