Slow process is still a process

By Makkyy | Makkyy | 6 Oct 2020

We tend to get discourage when we see our progress moving very slowly. Like putting water in to a pool while using a straw as a hose, or when you are posting articles day by day for weeks but still didn't get any attention, or if you already try our best but still success was yet to be seen. We tend to lose hope and will start doubting yourself. And worst is when you start to lose interest in your passion. So to avoid that thing from happening here's what you should do:

Mind yourself and enjoy

Don't mind other's businesses. Don''t compare yourself to them, it's their life you have your own. And don't be discourage if you saw your batchmate getting ahead of you, remember life is not a race. Just enjoy your life, your work, your career, your business and surely you won't ever get tired. Don't just live for the future but live for every moment of your life while considering about your future.

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• Keep moving forward

No matter hard your life was, keep moving forward. No matter how tiring it is to carry a mountain of problems weighing at your back, keep moving forward. Take your every step with passion and commitment. No matter how people look discourage and look down on you, keep moving forward. Remember their words, be optimist use it as your inspiration and revenge them with your success.

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 Be inspired.

Losing interest to your passion is indeed the greatest enemy of your career. And Losing hopes to your dreams is just too painful. So let's fuel up your inspiration and motivation by listening to the speeches of successful people around the globe. Watch or read their stories from when they were just starting to get into business/career, learn from their experience and how they overcome their life challenges.

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• Have Patience

Keep calm and be patient to everything because life won't just turn into something as you want it to be in a blink of an eye. Expect that there will be a storm and surging waves of challenges. Become a strong ship and just flow with the waves of life challenges. Keep in mind that the storm will surely pass.

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"Patience is bitter, but it's fruit is sweet" –Aristotle

Just like Bitcoin, if you had invested on it's early days then you'd be one of the millionaires now. It's indeed a sweet fruit right? Who would think that Colonel Sanders despite his age founded KFC and become one of the most popular and successful fast food chain throughout the world. Invest not only money but also your time into something valuable. You can also invest in Bitcoin cash and wait for it to become the next king.

Don't ever stop chasing your dreams no matter how slow your progress is or you'll regret it in the future.

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