Scam Alert: "Too Good to be True"!

By Binotoshi | makingiteasyforyou | 20 Aug 2021




You are one of 150 randomly selected active users to win 10,000 Binamon from Competition Binamon. 

Happy Holidays! To celebrate the upcoming holiday season, In this occasion, we each give 10,000 Binamon to lucky people in the community. 

To collect your award and more information is available here: (link that will lead to darkness)

Thanks for being a part of us - Happy Trading! Best regards, 

Binamon Team


A message that was tag by a facebook page named "binamon gift". 

Too good to be true. That 10,000 bmon token is really like an apple to the eye, a sexy woman with the best shape you can imagine.

But as the saying, it ia too good to be true. Well, before saying a review, lets go deep on this. 

I click the provided link(well I did not include here already cause I am afraid someone will be fall to the pit hole). 3a293a6e3d73d6a483a79307b87645142d6ccd9d10e3644357a9792c58ef5124.jpg

This is the first page. Well as you can see, its really too gorgeous to the eye. And I click on the claim with trust wallet. To be safe, i used a unit that I am not using with my wallets with funds to be safe. And here is the final say.


Well, from thia section, we can already wrap up that this is totally a scam. A genuine project will never ask for your private keys. So always remember that even in this industry, there will be no easy money. Wealth comes with sweat with mind, souls and body. 

 In conclusion, I would like to itemized why this site is a redflag.

1. First, the website link is not the official link for binamon project. You may used such as coingecko, coinmarketcap that can provide genuine links and introduction to a cryptocurrency projects. 

2. A great project would never ask your keys. If you provide this private keys or phrases, you are no longer safe. Your funds will be under attack. Take note that bitcoin early supply had lost (forever) because early adopters forget private keys of their wallet. Protect your wallets. By keeping by yourself the key. 

So thats it guys, I am posting this to become a a learning material for my fellow newbie in the industry. 

Follow for more #crytposcamalert. 

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