CRYPTO SCAM EXPOSED!!! A simple one yet too attractive!

By Binotoshi | makingiteasyforyou | 6 Jan 2021

I am in always depending on internet and I put on the research bar this "BTC to USD"to know the value of my BTC holdings. and it appears first on my list is this: 


When I click it, this BBC site appears informing that Elon Musk is developing a so called "Bitcoin trade" with a minimum of 250 dollars that according to the site, an average trader can afford such investment. 


At first, it is really a legit investment, considering first, BBC is the newsletter with a CNN picture (what? CNN in the BCC?), second, Elon Musks as an influencer was used to give an advise (kuno). It is really a temptation saying that it may double your investments in a day (I dont think so).


Now lets us try break it down. 

1. Elon Musk, according to the news, developing a platform called "Bitcoin Trade," and I searched on the internet, no connection on Elon Musk. And another one is, the billionaire is a fan of Dogecoin. I first think that he will first invest in dogecoin before Bitcoin (My own idea). 

2. CNN in BCC? What the heck? CNN and BCC are two different newsletter.

3. The official website of BCC is the right site while the imitated one is at the left.


Do you think they are the same? Yes they are. But I don't think the imitated one captures the official site. Click on the News under the and the Do you think the same page? no!

How about Sport? Click the same at both site. What happen? The imitated one has the same site every time you click anywhere. While the legit and official site has various section.

Guys, be careful with this type of scam. Specially those who are new in the industry.


The best armor is always your mind. Enrich it and use it after being a armor becomes your swords. 


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