New Investment in Polkadot - Waiting the Sucess
polkadot investment

New Investment in Polkadot - Waiting the Sucess

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 25 Jan 2021

I couldn't resist, yeah. I'm sorry. Excitement and anxiety have invaded my comfort zone.

Polkadot and her Parachains represent a spectacular project and I can't be off the boat.

The truth is that I did not have much saved. About $ 115. Enough to buy just over 6 DOT.

I wanted to buy it for under $ 18. I've been on Binance for a couple of hours until my position has been filled.

A support was found at 18 and it did not go down, however, the strength of the bears broke the ground and in a few minutes it reached $ 17.90, right where the buy order had been programmed.

I have been monitoring the behavior of its price for several days and I trust that from here everything is going up.

The volatility, the growth of Ethereum and the launch of new DeFi I hope will fuel the success of Polkadot. In this way my investment will revalue.

With only 6 DOT, I would have to reach $ 1,000 to get a spectacular reward, a figure if he takes it will be at the end of the year, who knows.

For now, illusion and eager to see Polkadot be in the elite of the Altcoins.


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