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Introductory of Chain clash - EOS Blockchain Game

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 1 Jan 2021

One of the most popular Dapps within the video game blockchain is Chain Clash. One of the games that is possibly all the rage in 2021.

Right now in Beta phase, it offers an opportunity to all video game lovers to get a new opportunity to generate income.

Designed on the EOS blockchain and linking to the Wombat wallet, it allows a fast and secure connection to the game in a matter of seconds. All activities within Chain Clash require an authorized signature on our part, at no cost.

Our mission within this application is to get our warrior to be placed at the top of the ranking. The higher we are, the more rewards we will receive from the pool. To participate in the pool we simply have to do 5 fights a day. Our warrior will level up little by little and will perfect his combat skills.

For this alone we will be receiving small fractions of EOS. The biggest piece of the cake will go to the fighters who are in the first positions of the ranking. Also, when this fighter has acquired a certain level of preparation, we can sell him in the market and get EOS.

Chain Clash will bring many new features in 2021, graphical improvements and more opportunities to generate income. This will attract the arrival of new users to the game fueling its growth within the Dapps.

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