How to make money on DTUBE – Analysis and guide to start now

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 11 Feb 2024

If we have something to thank for the birth of Web3, it is the number of ways we have to earn money. Anonymously and even in a decentralized manner. One of the apps that I like to use the most to upload my videos and make extra money is DTUBE. Earning money on DTUBE is really easy, just make two clicks and you will be able to generate the DTUBE Coin token every day.

Like COSTV, this platform grants rewards for actions carried out within it. Rewards are tied to your voting power. Voting power varies depending on the number of DTUBE tokens you have in your account. The greater the amount, the greater the voting power. Therefore, more rewards, more tokens and more money.

The DTUBE app runs within the Ethereum blockchain, however, withdrawals and movements are mainly made through the BNB Chain. The process for generating tokens is as basic as the mechanism of a pacifier. First of all we need to buy a handful of coins. Via Pancakeswap.

Secondly we will create an account in DTUBE. They will give us several passwords that we will need to save, in case we lose access to our account or change devices, these passwords will allow us to recover the account.

Once created, we will go to the Swap tab. From here we can transfer the tokens we have purchased on Pancakeswap to our DTUBE account. Once transferred, from that very moment, we will begin to generate VP voting power. This voting power gives us the possibility of uploading videos and earning money with them. We also have the option to curate the content of other creators by giving like or dislike. This action will also generate DTUBE Coin, although somewhat less than if we grant it to one of our videos, since here the profits are shared between the curator and the owner of the video.

The videos are embedded in the page, directly using YouTube. No need to upload any files. All voting power that a video receives can be claimed in the form of tokens after one week. That is, if I give 300,000 VP to a video, which represents approximately 17 DTUBE Coins, I will be able to claim these coins within a week.

We can transfer the tokens to our Metamask wallet whenever we want, as long as there is liquidity in the main account.

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