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How to Earn Money in Mines of Dalarnia NFT Game

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 15 Dec 2021

It is clear that when Binance touches a game it turns to gold. The luck of Mines of Dalarnia has been to be able to be listed on the most important exchange in the world.

I have seen fit to talk about the way gambling has to make us earn money. We have two paths: to stay with the role of miner or, on the contrary, to become a landowner.

Reward system in Mines of Dalarnia

To transfer this information to a more familiar context, I want to give you the example of Alien Worlds.

Mines of Dalarnia emulates exactly the same mechanics, but with a greater degree of freedom and entertainment.

This notable change makes it more addictive and attractive to the casual player, who is the one who usually fuels and gives life to these types of games.

At Mines of Dalarnia we can make money by mining and earning passive income from the purchase of land.

The governance token is the DAR. This token will not be the only reward that we will obtain during the work day. There will also be various materials available in the form of precious stones that will allow us to improve our work tools and have more opportunities to become merchants within the store.

Mines of Dalarnia wants to create a game linked by several threads, where all are needed. There is no one who has more control.

Obviously if you want to take the role of passive player what interests you are the NFT lands. Being a landowner, you will get dividends on the DAR token that players will have to pay you to mine on your land.

Likewise, the landowner will obtain materials and resources for owning it that they will be able to market on the marketplace.

The landlord will have to bear maintenance costs. The lands are deteriorating and spoiling. This feature of Mines of Dalarnia forces the owner to have to buy materials to repair the land from him. If he does not do it, it will stop being productive and no one will be able to work it.

Private lands are highly valued because not all of them generate the same materials. This detail is fundamental for the economy of the game since no resource is less valuable than another.

On the other hand we have the miner. That player with free time who does not have much capital but does want to play and increase his earnings little by little.

The miner has to pay commissions in DAR for mining on foreign planets. If we choose to be a miner, we have to work someone else's land to make a profit.

It's simple, destroy the primary mouse button 450 times a day to collect resources.

Traditional miners used canaries to find out if there was enough oxygen in tight spaces. This allowed them to know if in any cave the air was useless and their survival was at risk.

The little bird will accompany us during the task. He will point out some interesting treasures and change color when oxygen is limited. We will find various resting points to catch our breath.

There will be hostile enemies around Mines of Dalarnia. They can be removed with the work tool. They will release additional resources.

All the resources obtained in the lands can be sold in the market, used to make tools or accelerate productivity in the next tasks.

For those who do not have DAR tokens from the start to mine on the private lands that are the richest, the game will make free lands available. These plots provide common resources and cannot be mined for long.

I would like to give you exact figures but the game at the moment is in an Alpha phase and everything that is generated is fictitious and does not relate to the future reality.

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