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How to earn Chiliz CHZ with the app

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 18 Mar 2021

The recent rise of the Chiliz token has generated a lot of interest in it. Cryptocurrency investors and traders have seen Chiliz as a great opportunity to capitalize on the long term. It is currently undergoing a correction, healthy and expected, but has achieved a very attractive price.

The Chiliz token and its founder, Alex Dreyfus, have as a mission to support the sports and competitive world. Both football and Esports are slowly coming to the crypto world. Large teams are announcing their own tokens and making them known within the application.

This application, created by Alex Dreyfus as well, although it is run by other people, allows us to directly acquire the fan tokens of our favorite teams. It encompasses both the football and competitive scene of the Esports world. Soccer and video games represented in the form of cryptocurrencies. The app gives us the possibility of obtaining the Chiliz token completely free of charge. Within your app if we go to the map tab, we will find 6 random chests near our location, depending on the region where you live, they may be less. These chests contain fan tokens and the United SSU Partner token. This last token has no monetary value, it is used only to have voting power in the application's surveys.

Chests can drop the Chiliz token. To get an idea, for every 10 open chests, one CHZ token usually touches. With these tokens we can later acquire and buy fan tokens of our favorite teams. Possession of these fan tokens opens up more possibilities for us to earn money. Inside the app, on the homepage, if we scrolling a little bit, we will see that there are some questionnaires and events in which we can participate. The requirement is to possess a certain amount of tokens from the indicated team. If we get all the answers right, not easy, they will reward us with more tokens and exclusive gifts.

Lately, on a social level, the Socios app has garnered a lot of fame, which is attracting quite a few users and football lovers. Also, of cryptocurrencies. Let's not forget the CHZ token, it is an ERC-20 token and to deposit and send our profits it is required to pay the corresponding commission, about $ 10 if you deposit them from Binance. If you do not want to do this process, we can buy Chiliz directly from the app with our bank card.

I leave you a live tutorial showing the application in Spanish.

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