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Free alternatives to Mining Crypto

By Makingdigital | makingdigitals | 6 Mar 2022

I was especially excited to share with you a post about cryptocurrency mining. In recent months, this topic has generated overwhelming interest. How to mine cryptocurrencies from home to build an additional income is now one of the priorities of many cryptocurrency lovers.

Mining cryptocurrencies implies a strong initial investment if we want it to be profitable, due to the electricity costs that it entails. Without forgetting the wear produced on the hardware of our equipment.

Due to this, many people are left with honey on their lips, either because they do not have the capital to make the initial investment or because the limitations in their country are so great that they prevent them from even bearing the electricity bill.

For this reason, I want to propose some totally free alternatives that we have at our disposal to be able to mine cryptocurrencies from home. The gain will be much less of course. The only requirement is to have a computer. Nothing more.

How to mine cryptocurrencies without investing

As I have mentioned, there is a fundamental requirement, which is to have a computer at home. At least that. I suggest dedicating it exclusively to this activity.

Mining processes consume a lot of resources from your computer and constantly demand energy. If it is your only acquisition and you want to extend its useful life, I do not advise you to dedicate it to this purpose.

Now, there are two very fun solutions to mine cryptocurrencies virtually that do not consume anything. It is totally simulated but they report real profits. The drawback is that they require your clear time.

Okay, let's get to it.

Apps to mine cryptocurrencies from your computer

You will find numerous tools on the web dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies. Most of them usually require the download of an application that, when it starts up, begins to mine using the resources of our computer.

They are easy to use. Normally, the owners of them already have powerful mining equipment and what they do is share their profits with us. In exchange for a clear loan, which will be our hardware. We can disable it whenever we want. Mining works as long as the app is activated.

We can mine Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Monero or Dash. Some also allow Shiba Inu to be mined.

Examples of this we have Hashcity, Awesome Miner and Bitfly. The latter has the advantage of being more modern. It connects to our Metamask wallet directly, from the browser itself it accesses our hardware and activates mining.

If you are looking for something more specific, we have the well-known and famous Minergate.

Sites to mine cryptocurrencies virtually

For those of you who are somewhat short of money, that is, you are burned out. I quote some interesting platforms to mine cryptocurrencies without investing a single dollar.

These pages require time, is the warning that I leave you. Earnings at first are very small. However, in some regions they can be attractive due to the standard of living they have.

Among these pages I highlight:

Rollercoin. More than 3 years working. Virtual cryptocurrency mining. We get mining power by playing the HTML5 mini-games that they have on their website. The mining power lasts for 24 hours. If we complete 30 games successfully, it will be 72 hours. Requires login at least every 3 days to refresh activity and renew mining. Pays in Dogecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin and BNB. When we save money we can buy miners to loosen the chains. It also has a very useful referral system for those of you who are more extroverted.

The second option is Stormgain. A recognized app that is also dedicated to cryptocurrency arbitration. A free USDT mining option is available. The problem is that it forces us to reactivate it every 4 hours. It's totally free. Winnings cannot be withdrawn. We can only use them to do Trading within the page. The profits obtained with our operations and movements can be withdrawn whenever we want.

The third option for those with a lot of time is Cryptomininggame. An old and veteran app mining game designed in HTML5. It allows us to mine 9 cryptocurrencies. It takes time to gather resources. Mining must be activated every hour. If you level up the time increases and gives us more freedom. It includes plenty of additional internal activities to earn more cryptocurrencies.

As you can see, you have many alternatives to dedicate yourself to freelance cryptocurrency mining. Remember that there are more options than those presented here. It will depend on your criteria and time.

You don't want to cover everything. If you only have ruin to give, take advantage of the last 3 pages. If you have a computer that you do not use at home, you can dedicate yourself to the first one. Of course, go preparing for the electricity bill. Cryptocurrency mining has many negative points and frankly, it is surrounded by many marketing gurus eager for referrals.

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